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History in the making: Selections from THE NOAH DIARIES 2011


History in the making:
Selections from THE NOAH DIARIES 2011

(1) Even Tolstoy would surely admit that 2011 wasn't the best of times: Gov't cutbacks save lives!, Speaker Boehner, tragic day in Tucson, Tea Party racism, and more (1/3-13/11)
(2) "If ballots don't work, bullets will." Plus: Sarah Palin shoots from the hip, Keith Olbermann gets the boot, Bernie Sanders challenges the oligarchy, and more (1/14-25/11)
(3) "We could tell by looking at her that she was not originally from this country." Plus: Walmart eyes NYC, Keith O back on the air, "civics literacy test"?, the Civil War rages, the Great Sharia panic, and more (2/3-16/11)
(4) "If some of those jobs are lost, so be it" (John Boehner). Plus: Michele B & breast-feeding, Taibbi on Wall St. prosecutions, The Donald's the man?, war on workers, war on women, and more (2/16-23/11)
(5) "Who is going to shoot Obama?" Plus: Making $$$ off juvie, using live ammo on protesters, Half-Naked Congressman, Gulf dolphins dying, and more (2/23-28/11)
(6) "I really don't think that collective bargaining has any place in representative government" (Sen. Jim DeMint). Plus: Madrassas and palm trees in WI, Mike Huckabee's Mau-Maus, Sean & Kase, the real NFL lockout victims, and more (3/2-7/11)
(7) "It's important to remember, no one was hurt at Three Mile Island" (Lamar Alexander). Plus: "America is not broke" (Michael Moore), real death panels, did she deserve to be beaten?, rehabbing the Bush name, and more (3/7-14/11)
(8) Who's the most unprincipled GOP presidential contender? Plus: Guvs do Big Oil's dirty work, "human-decency gene"?, most unprincipled Repub contender?, shoot them immigrunts, and more (3/17-28/11)
(9) Why do Republicans love the idea of royalty and all its trappings? Plus: Mob mentality, dumb in Dixie, water! water!, AP punked, Jesse Ventura makes sense!, Repugs & government, and more (4/3-15/11)
(10) Birther news from America's new number-one nut state. Plus: Homo-haters hate "gay" identity, selling Altoona, Orange County weasels' "wit," mean Charlie Manson, and a war on Easter? (4/17-24/11)
(11) Birther nonsense is all about dehumanization: FOX's birther "experts" debate, nutters rage over Obama's choice of church, Big Bad Gov't except . . . , Repugs & Ayn Rand (4/27-29/11)
(12) Obama's real death panel -- the death of bin Laden. Crazed Repugs don't know how to react. Plus: Mel Gibson learns a better way to communicate, and more bin Laden craziness (5/2-7/11)
(13) A rapper in the Obama White House? Oh, horror! Plus: What liberal media?, SD campaign in war on women, Ryan sinking Repugs?, FCC shill goes on Comcast payroll officially, and more (5/10-12/11)
(14) Billions for Big Oil, pennies for food stamps. Plus: Gas prices rise and fall, Meghan McCain lashes back at Glenn B, the $enate & Big Oil, Newt plays the food stamp card, and more (5/13-18/11)
(15) The world came to an end -- twice! Hoax detector Ben Stein, hoax makers Glenn Beck and Harold Camping, Ahnold can't be prez and T-Paw won't be, and more (5/20-25/11)
(16) "The Pill kills" -- the nutjobbers target contraception. Plus: Trump-Palin pizza party (write your own caption!), letter to the prez, Medicare "reform," you can't hear that speech!, and more (6/1-3/2011)
(17) Just let Texas go! Plus: Today's GOP foreseen 170 years ago, Delta supports the troops, Palin invades the U.K., Evan Bayh's true colors, and more (6/4-26/11)
(18) Trouble in MurdochWorld -- Bye-bye, News of the World! Plus: Reptilian Louie Gohmert on gov't salaries, Obama hit for being in favor of education, slavery wasn't so-o-o bad, naked gunwoman, and more (7/5-11/11)
(19) "I don't remember any terrorist attacks on American soil from 2000 to 2008" (FOX's Eric Bolling). Plus: Newtie & the Supreme Court, suspicious death? nah!, fashion arrest, Rush says it's not the heat -- it's..., and more (7/14-27/11)
(20) "The largest threat to our democracy is the emergence of a radical right getting most of the ransom it demands" (Robert Reich). Plus: Who are these people? I. Funeral fascists; II. Teabagging deadbeat dad. "Tar baby" and "coonskin"? What's next, "jigaboo"? (8/1-2/11)
(21) If the Republican Party was a '70s horror movie, it would be directed by Wes Craven. FAA shutdown, "concerned" Repug mom, Rupert's mop-haired henchgal fired?, damn Methodists!, another "debate," and more (8/5-15/11)
(22): "There is no more fraudulent public image in our politics" (Lawrence O'Donnell on Rudy Giuliani). Plus: GOP vs. nuclear safety, FOX lies, stick it to Karl Rove!, Darrell Issa's incognito aide, the pestilence of vulgarity, and more (8/17-30/11)
(23) Blowhard George Will outblows Hurricane Irene. Plus: "Quitter" Sarah throws a hissy fit, CEOs make out like bandits, FOX "deconstructs" a speech, Teabag gov loves Paris, and more (9/1-12/11)
(24) "We outnumber them in this country, and we have the guns" (Andrew Breitbart). Plus: Bye-bye to habeas corpus, can't feed family on $4K/wk?, Bill-O's threat, workplace of the future, Georgia bloodlust, and more (9/14-23/11)
(25) "Current emissions are not causing air-quality or public-health problems anywhere in America" (Steve Milloy of Fox "News"). Plus: Secede already, Texas!, Solyndra -- all Obama's fault, Repugs on science, megachurch mogul calls Mormons a cult, and more (10/3-18/11)
(26) Masturbation is a form of homosexuality! Spot the loony: (1) Mark Driscoll and (2) Rick Santorum, Repugs' Thesaurus: 30 ways to say n*gg*r, how did the GOP sink to this? (10/19-26/11)
(27) "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks" (Coultergeist). Plus: Judge beats daughter, Rick Perry melts down, "manly" pizza, my letter to Al Franken, is mac 'n' cheese "a black thing"?, and more (11/2-24/11)
(28) Heard the good news? Pizza is now a vegetable! Plus: Last (?) thoughts on Cain, love Kentucky Baptist-style, Etch A Sketch-pad?, G. Will on Newt, Big House for Blago, and more (12/1-7/11)
(29) "Stupid" is what the Republican voter craves (and Mittens could be that man!). Plus: Newt sucks up $30K/hr of our money, Christine "I'm Not a Witch" O'D endorses Mitt, "Keep America American"?, phantom centrists (12/11-18/11)
(30) Ron Paul a racist? It can't be! Plus: Who's "a skinny ghetto crackhead"?, Big Ole Butt?, a mighty "Christian" cardinal, Christmas in Jerusalem, and more (12/21-28/11)
(31) Afterword -- What we learned from (or because of) Republicans this year. Plus: Quote of the Year revealed!

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