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The Noah Diaries 2011 (23): Blowhard George Will outblows Hurricane Irene


"Quitter" Sarah throws a hissy fit, CEOs make out like bandits, FOX "deconstructs" a speech, Teabag gov loves Paris, and more

Even mighty hurricanes cower before the wrath of crap artist George F. Will. Naturally right-wing commentators chime in.

by Noah

9/1/11 -- It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! Sarah "The Quitter" throws a hissy fit

Sarah Palin got invited to the Tea Party of America festivities in Indianola, Iowa, this coming weekend but freaked out like a 14-year-old when she found out another girl got an invite too. What's that about? The other girl was the even loonier Christine "I'm Not a Witch" O'Donnell, who made sure to show off her invite to every camera she could find. Well, that was just too much for Sarah! "I'm Not a Witch" meets "I'm a Bitch."

After a conversation with Palin's aides, Tea Party of America President Ken Crow announced, "I had to cancel Ms. O'Donnell." Crow is now hopeful that Palin will attend, tiara and all. Better watch out, Sarah. If O'Donnell is a witch, she might make you do something that makes you look like an idiot. Maybe you should go do another of those witchcraft protection rituals at your so-called church again.

I've always said she acts like an eighth-grader. I guess she also worried that the "other girl" would show up in a hotter dress or nicer shoes. Life is just so-o-o hard for Sarah. She shoulda quit long ago.

9/1/11 -- Not to be outdone, fellow dingbat Michele Bachmann has announced that she wants to drill for oil in the Everglades when she's elected

9/1/11 -- Mommy, why is there an Occupy Wall Street? (Hint: CEOs make out like bandits)

A partial answer can be seen in a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, "Executive Excess 2011: The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging."

1) Of last year's 100 highest-paid corporate chief executives in the United States, 25 took home more in CEO pay than their company paid in 2010 federal income taxes. The list includes Boeing, General Electric, eBay, Verizon, Bank of New York, and Prudential.

2) These 25 CEOs averaged $16.7 million, well above last year's $10.8 million average for S&P 500 CEOs. Most of the companies they ran actually came out ahead at tax time, collecting tax refunds from the IRS that averaged $304 million.

3) CEOs in 22 of these 25 firms enjoyed pay increases in 2010. In 13 of these companies CEO paychecks ratcheted up while either the corporate income tax bill declined or the corporate tax refund expanded.

4) 18 of the 25 corporations operate offshore tax havens.

5) Corporate taxes have plunged to historic lows, with many of America's top corporations paying no taxes.

And Republicans want to lower corporate taxes even more? Aren't they getting enough in those checks from the K Street bribery squads?

9/1/11 -- A very special Tone Deaf Award to . . .

. . . one Mike Shaw and his Pima County (where Tucson is located) Republicans, who are raffling a Glock pistol to raise money, or is it to celebrate the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head while others were killed with a Glock back in January? Can't have too many Glocks in town! Nosireee!

Have Republicans no sense of decency? Why even ask? This is already the party that refers to the president of the United States as a Muslim, a socialist, and a "tar baby" [see 8/2] and whose lead spokescretin, Rush Limbaugh, says that President Obama needs to be put "in his place." That they adore violence is beyond question. That 21st-century Republicans even belong to the human species isn't.

9/1/11 -- (More) Sunday-morning whining from conservative pontificator and professional crap artist George Will

The clown went on ABC's This Week and whined that the warnings about Hurricane Irene were overblown and irresponsible on the part of the media. He even called the coverage of the impending storm "synthetic hysteria." Yeah, right, Georgie. If a few Americans drown, what's it matter to ya? It's their big fault for not living in a mansion on the hill anyway, right?

Let's see, it's OK for Will's preferred media to whip up "synthetic hysteria" over whether or not the president is a socialist, a Muslim, or was even born in our country, but it's bad, bad, bad if the media goes and warns people to prepare for a really bad storm. It's not even enough that Will's preferred political party wants to cut hurricane preparedness and forecasting funds. It's more of that Republican Culture of Death thing.

Naturally, the goon fiction-news media like FOX Nation and Newsbusters took time out from birther conspiracies and wacko Vince Foster murder theories to agree with Will -- at the very moment that whole towns in places like Vermont were being cut off from the rest of the country and had to have food supplies airlifted in. Newsbusters crackpot Noel Sheppard did his usual brain-dead zombie imitation, claiming:

"It is clear that this weather event has become another example of America's media hyping every potential crisis into a full-blown calamity before the fact."

Well said, Shep; for a monkey at a typewriter!

People like this guy and George Will are a disease. Period. They feed on each other like parasites, all in the interest of attacking enemies that only exist in what's left of their minds. It's mystifying why we have to suffer the pompous, hateful insanity of the likes of George Will. Perhaps this imbecile should try imparting his idiocy to the people who lost family members and their livelihoods. Tell that to the restaurant owners in my hometown who watched in frustration and horror as the local stream came in the front and out the back door. Tell that to the farmers in New England who lost their crops and livestock.

George Will will do no such thing, of course. To Republicans, these people don't matter, except when it comes to finding a way to take whatever they have left and hand it over to their limo-riding masters. Bottom line: Irene was one of the ten most costly storms in history. And a final thought: What is such an asswipe doing on national TV anyway? If I was in charge, we'd have an FCC that would look into it. Will needs to be sent packing back to his home in South Carolina. South Carolina, ‘nuff said.

9/6/11 -- There's been much talk in the mainstream media about the possible bankruptcy of the Postal Service, but not about how it came to this point

Here's the story in a nutshell: In 2006, in a midnight session, the Republican-led Congress passed a bill that decreed that the Postal Service had to fully fund its pensions for the next 75 years and do it immediately. That drained all the money. No other agency has to do that or even anything close.

Now the post office doesn't take taxpayer dollars. It is funded by the revenue generated from postal services. So why would Congress deliberately bankrupt it? And why do it at midnight, when no ordinary citizens were in the gallery? Easy: If the Postal Service goes bankrupt, then it can be sold off and privatized. Keep an eye on which congresscritters and senawhores end up with a piece of the action for their retirement or for their "campaign contributions." You might also want to look into who has been receiving money from FedEx.

Will Congress do something similar with Social Security or Medicare? I wouldn't put it past them. It's just more Washington sleaze. The NY Times recently published some of its patented right-wing propaganda about this subject. To the Times it's basically all labor's fault!

9/6/11 -- FOX Lie of the Day: How to "deconstruct" a speech

The propagandistas at FOX love to do things like show the wrong film to back up their lies. Some good recent examples are Bill O'Liely's use of footage of a violent demonstration in which you could clearly see palm trees while reporting on a demonstration in Madison, Wisconsin [see 3/2]. Another time they Photoshopped in a huge crowd from the Obama inauguration to make a crowd for one of their Teabag rallies look bigger. Again they forgot to look at the trees.

Sometimes, though, they just like to edit a speech to push their sick agenda. This was the case with a speech by Teamsters President James Hoffa. Here, courtesy of Media Matters (which FOX seems to hate, for some reason), is how they presented Hoffa's Labor Day speech. The part in boldface is what they left out:
Everybody here's got to vote. If we go back and keep an eye on the prize, let's take these sons of a bitches out and give America back to America, where we belong. Thank you very much.

The goal of FOX was to make it seem that Hoffa was calling for violence. The FOX "reporter" went even further and used the "let's take these sons of bitches out" part by itself!

Then, of course, the Freaks on Xstasy, Andrew Breitbart and CNN's sad little moron Dana Loesch, among many others, went at President Obama for not denouncing Hoffa for something he didn't do!

9/8/11 -- Thought for today: taking pride in accomplishment

Human ponzi scheme Rick Perry said in the most recent Republican debate that he is proud of his record of executing over 200 people. So is Ted Bundy.

9/9/11 -- Dark thought of the day

In how many states is it OK for Michele Bachmann to carry a concealed weapon?

9/12/11 -- SC's Teabag guv, who got elected preaching "fiscal restraint," lives it up in Paris on taxpayers' dime

South Carolina Teabag Gov. Nikki Haley recently went to Paris looking for jobs for the citizens of her state. She made sure she stayed at five-star hotels and lived the high life. When Renee Dudley a reporter for Charleston's Post and Courier, reported on some of the ways that Haley -- "who captured the governor's office preaching fiscal restraint" -- and her entourage were racking up $127K in expenses for the trip, the governor objected strenuously, referring to "that little girl at the Post and Courier" on Laura Ingraham's radio show. So much for Teabaggers' concern for government spending.

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