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The Noah Diaries 2011 (2): "If ballots don't work, bullets will"


Sarah Palin shoots from the hip, Keith Olbermann gets the boot,
Bernie Sanders challenges the oligarchy, and more

by Noah

1/14/11 –- Utah Sen. Mike Lee says child labor laws are unconstitutional

Hey, isn’t everything that Repugs don’t like? Health care? Unconstitutional! Equal pay for equal work? Unconstitutional! Voting rights? Unconstitutional! Flat tire? Unconstitutional! Upset tummy? Unconstitutional! Bad weather? Unconstitutional! Gay? You bet!

1/17/11 -- FOX goon Sarah Palin chose MLK Day of all days to defend her insanity

Yesterday's installment of the Noah Diaries included coverage of that "Tragic Date in Tucson" (1/8/201). -- Ed.

She centered her defense around the term “blood libel," offered an explanation of her constant use of the phrase “take up arms” and then ended it with her standard “Don’t retreat, reload” -- on MLK Day! Her tiny brain can’t fathom that she is her own worst enemy, not the media she refers to as “lamestream,” like some 14-year-old in a straitjacket. Words matter. You have to wonder if she even knows who Martin Luther King was and what happened to him.

All of this after what happened in Arizona when a disturbed nutbag who liked to rant about the Constitution and our evil government lost his moorings completely. Palin had even placed crosshairs right on Rep. Gabby Giffords’ district on her famous chart. There’s no doubt that he had taken encouragement from public figures that rant publicly. Reminds me of Newt Gingrich talking about bringing down big government, blowing it up, whatever. He even had Rep. Helen Chenoworth acting as a liaison with militia groups in the Northwest. Timothy McVeigh was listening. They even blew up a day-care center. Day care -- that’s communism, you know. Polls show that 70% of Repugs like Palin. What’s that say about Repugs? You decide.

1/21/11 -- The Clampdown: Comcast cans Keith Olbermann

This is the Corporatocracy at work, Obama included. We know what they think of progressives in the White House, and Rahm and Gibbs leaving hasn’t changed a thing. None of the corporate limo class wants anything to do with progressive notions. To them, we are children best unseen and unheard. We get in the way of their piracy and wealth redistribution.

Let’s not forget the corporate DNA. The clowns that bent over for their new Comcast masters also think that having a sitcom about outsourcing is funny. Decades ago they dumped Star Trek when the show confronted meaningful issues such as racial politics head-on. They thought the show was a loser that would never amount to anything. Corporate suits are corporate suits. Decades come and decades go, but suits are always the same mindless little weasels. Sorry, weasels. Oh, and whatever happened to Ed Schultz’s “Psycho Talk” segment? Remember when Keith had to suspend “Worst Person in the World” when the Comcast merger talks heated up? The disappearance of “Psycho Talk” is just more of that same same old same old, no matter how many times and how many ways the suits deny it. It’s that "give me that good old corporate blandness" religion raising its head, as it always does.

12 months later: Keith is on a new network and Ed has "Psycho Talk" back. The righties bathe in their smugness about Keith being gone. They are incapable of thinking that a budding new network has its first star talent. They laughed at Howard Stern and Sirius once too. The power of truth? The power of speaking out? People respond to edgy, not blandness. Will the suits ever get it? Doubtful. They prance around all wrapped up in themselves and think they get it, just like the Washington idiots that infest our government. They are the last to know anything. Many of them never see it until it runs them over like a truck.

1/24/11 -- From Lawrence O’Donnell’s show on MSNBC:
Two conservative Supreme Court justices made headlines today that they might not be happy with. Justice Clarence Thomas amended 20 years of disclosure forms, after a liberal watchdog group questioned the omission of his wife’s place of employment. He said it was inadvertently omitted.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia kicked off Tea Party Caucus Chairwoman Michele Bachmann’s Conservative Constitutional Seminars as a guest lecturer.

20 years of disclosure forms? 20 years? I guess he forgot. What does his wife do? She dedicates her professional life to defeating health care reform.

As for Scalia, I feel great about having a “Supreme” Court justice from the Tea Party. Does he make his own signs? Not even a pretense of impartiality --not that there was back in December 2000 either. Next time a righty throws the words “activist judges” at you, mention these two craploads.

1/24/11 -– "This country is moving in the direction of an oligarchy"

While we’re on the subject on the “Supreme” Court, how’s this for a Quote of the Year? It’s Sen. Bernie Sanders to Lawrence O’Donnell. It sizes up the year and the predicament that the “Supreme” Court has continued to put us in since they anointed George Dubya Bush:
What I worry about, Larry, deep down In my heart, is that this country is moving in the direction of an oligarchy, where a relatively few people, incredibly wealthy people on the top, today have more money than they’ve ever had before. And with that money, they are exercising incredible power as a result of Citizens United on our political system. They can make huge amounts of money in campaign contributions without disclosure, and they’re also having, obviously, a great impact on our economy as a result of increased concentration of ownership.

With this comes the report that Karl Rove is getting most of his huge stacks of cash to spend on elections from just four multi-billionaires. Gives new force to the old “I’m gonna buy me a senator” kind of thing.

1/25/11 -- Watching Republican commentators dig so deep to find something negative to say about President Obama’s State of the Union speech . . .

. . . would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Watching people like Hannity and Sarah the Quitter can be infuriating, or, if you have compassion, it can be very sad in the way that watching crippled deer along the highway or a crippled child is sad. There are big differences, of course, not the least of which is that accident victims and crippled children are usually not to blame for their own afflictions.

Things get a little cloudier if we think of watching discussions on FOX and, to only a somewhat lesser extent CNN, as dropping in on a mental institution to visit a relative or friend who has gone off the deep end and is no longer able to function in normal society. In this way Rupert Murdoch has proven himself a candidate for sainthood by providing jobs for people whose cheese has fallen off the cracker, and, providing a channel for those who are not yet institutionalized to watch. Just as Romper Room was great for kids, Glenn Beck fills a need for crazy people, while giving them hope that if he can get a TV show of his own and make millions presenting daily gibberish, maybe someday they can too. There is nothing, nada normal about FOX society.

As time goes on in the Obama era, the wackadoodle set has tried everything, and still Obama’s ratings are no lower than those of his predecessors. Hannity even whined and bitched about the White House Super Bowl menu. It’s pretty frustrating to them, and you can see it. No medication exists that can help these critters. Soon, they will be grasping at straws so badly that I expect we will see an in-depth discussion that begins with the words “I didn’t like his tie.”

1/25/11 -- Quote of the Year nominee

This one comes from Joyce Kaufman, chief of staff to Rep. Mark West (R-FL):
I am convinced that the most important things the Founding Fathers did to insure my First Amendment rights was to give me a Second Amendment.

And if ballots don’t work, bullets will.

Now that speaks volumes about the sensitivity offered by Republicans!

History in the making:
Selections from THE NOAH DIARIES 2011

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At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith Olberman is the one kind of person that the establishment hates the most. Independent and definitely irreverent. These are two attributes that the powers that be will not tolerate and they will destroy at their first opportunity and they will succeed at doing so.

The establishment is any organization whether it be a college, corporation, church or government or so called news bureau.

The third reason is money, Keith couldn't draw the audiences after the switch from MSNBC.

What a shame no room for a truth teller on main stream media. Keith wasn't perfect but better than most of the others. Only lairs and idiots on the air for the most part. That's you I'm talking about Bill O'Reilly.


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