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With indicted House GOP Crime Syndicate Capo di Tutti Capi Tom DeLay slithering away from a November showdown with voters-- in a district carefully gerrymandered at his direction to be predominantly Republican-- and declaring that all he wants is for voters to see Jesus in him, the Republicans are getting mighty nervous. Another GOP bribe-taker-- this one having made all the same protestations of innocence and persecution that DeLay is now making (until he wept like a 9 year old girl and admitted he was guilty and begged for mercy based on being a cancer patient)-- is already in prison. Whether or not Randy "Duke" Cunningham is acting like an advance scout for the future influx of Republicrook solons prison-bound, a week from Tuesday is a showdown in his former district-- also carefully gerrymandered for a Republican occupant. Every single poll shows Francine Busby, the clean government, progressive reformer-- a Democrat-- way out ahead of the pack of yipping, yapping cut-throat Republicans trying to be the next Cunningham. The last poll showed Busby preferred by 45% of the voters-- considerably more than the combined preference for the 3 top Republican contenders!

Petrified that Busby can win the Special Election outright-- without a run-off-- the Inside-the-Beltway Republicans just dumped nearly $400,000 into vicious attack ads against Busby. The NRCC went all out to come up with something dirty and negative-- remember, they have no candidate, just a couple dozen loony extremists all beating each other up trying to prove which one wants to do worse things to Latinos-- and they will be inundating the airwaves for a solid week with huge time buys on XETV (ironically, the Mexican-based Fox station), XUPN (UPN), KSWB (WB), KGTV (ABC), KNSD (NBC), KFMB (CBS), and KUSI (IND).

Francine's campaign has out-raised her opponents-- every single one of them-- but this gigantic influx of negative, targeted Republican money will change the equation. It's not too late to get involved. You can make a contribution here through the DWT ACT BLUE Page or you can go to Francine's website and volunteer for phone-banking (from anywhere in the country) or for the get out the vote activities in the district all next week. ACT BLUE has collected over $45,000 for Francine so far-- mostly in small increments-- lots and lots of people giving $10 and $20 each. Enough people do that and we can beat back the Big Money Republican onslaught. (And by the way-- my offer to send a free CD to the first 50 donors on the DWT ACT BLUE Page still stands.)


At 8:50 PM, Blogger dusty said...

As a San Diego native, I can tell you this is an upper class area of the county. And always votes Repube..but this time around I think that Francine might have a shot. I have been phonebanking for her and when I do get someone to talk, they are voting for her. I do not lead them, I ask which of the candidates I name are they leaning towards.

MoveOn.org is doing the phonebanking too, thats who I am calling on behalf of.


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