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Pennsylvania's 7th CD is a moderate suburban district mostly south and west of Philadelphia down to the border with Delaware. It includes King of Prussia, Radnor, Drexel Hill and Springfield. The long-time incumbent, Curt Weldon, is far too right-wing for this kind of moderate district, far too connected to shady lobbyists and the Republican Culture of Corruption, and far too far too in the thrall of right-wing nut case and anti-semitic religionist cult psycho "Rev." Sun Myong Moon. This is a district outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia, Mississippi. The district voted
51%/47% for Gore in 2000 and 53% for Kerry in 2004. It's a mainstream district with a whacko, rubber-stamp wing-nut incumbent whose time has passed.

This year Democrats have rallied around Joe Sestak as the candidate who can send Weldon-- probably to K Street, where he'll find himself a job as a lobbyist instead of someone doing favors for them. Admiral Sestak retired from the Navy a couple months ago after 31 years in the military where he rose to Deputy Chief of Naval Operations. He is also a former high-ranking National Security Council staff member. He earned a Doctorate in Political Economy and Government from Harvard and he has been an outspoken opponent of Bush's war and occupation of Iraq ("a tragic misadventure").

Lately moderate Democrats in neighboring areas of New Jersey and Virginia have been very successful against extreme right-wing Republicans in moderate suburban areas just like the 7th CD. Sestak is the kind of moderate who is a natural fit for Delaware County. He's not a big fan of abortion but, like most Americans he supports Roe v Wade and a woman's right to make her own medical decision. His experience in the Navy-- he commanded a carrier group and estimates that as many as 15% of his sailors were gay and lesbian ("And I wanted every one them")-- has made him a firm believer in equality under the law for gays and lesbians (which translates to civil unions though not legalized marriage). These are more... moderate views than my own. But they're more than just "better than Weldon." These are pretty progressive for the district Sestak is seeking to represent. He seems like a good leader, a knowledgeable and serious-minded guy with the right instincts, someone who will be able to make a good contribution to helping dig us out of the mess Bush and his rubber-stamp Republicans have left this country in.


I hate when Democratic politicians allow Republican liars and smear tacticians to swiftbaot them with impunity. Maybe because Joe Sestak isn't a politician, but a normal, honorable American citizen, there was no way he was going to get a creepy crawly piece of excrement like Moonie nut job Weldon make outrageous claims about his family and get away with it. Today Admiral Sestak set the record straight so people in Delaware County could see what kind of an insect they have "representing" them in Congress. These remarks from Joe appeared in THE HILL this morning:

Congressman Weldon’s remarks to the Hill magazine in a story
published this morning regarding my daughter Alex’s treatment are
inappropriate. To imply, that I should have sent my daughter to a
hospital in Delaware or Pennsylvania for political purposes is beyond the pale.

I understand the political arena.  I knew that this campaign would
thrust my family into the media spotlight and we are prepared for
that.  But I want to make it very clear to Congressman Weldon, that
any remarks regarding my daughter, Alexandria’s, treatment will not be tolerated.

Like many families dealing with illness, we have had our challenges
in the last year.  Through the grace of God, the many prayers of our
friends and family, and the wonderful doctors and nurses, we have
made it through this experience with our daughter Alex, who continues to inspire us everyday.

Though we recognize the important work done by the many hospitals in
and around Philadelphia, it was our personal choice to have Alex
treated in Washington at the Children’s Hospital because of its
outstanding work on pediatric brain tumors. This decision was based on many things – none of which were political.

This was our choice as Alex’s parents and as I have said publicly, I
believe these medical choices should be left in the hands of parents
and family members throughout the country and not in the hands of
beauracrats, special interests and especially not in the hands of
politicians like Curt Weldon.


DWT has just added an ACT BLUE Page for Joe Sestak. So if you'd like to see Curt Weldon waving bye-bye in November, keep in mind that even $10 or $20 is a tremendous help when enough people get together to combat the influence of the rich, powerful and corrupt.


At 4:41 AM, Anonymous Christopher Walker said...

I had high hopes for this campaign and it sounds like Admiral Sestak is off to a good start.

Whenever I post about Sestak this season, though, I'm also going to put in a good word for Bryan Lentz, a fine candidate who was in the race before Sestak was recruited. Bryan bowed out with grace and style, and dropped down to run against an unusually obnoxious GOP incumbent in the state legislature, in District 161. They both deserve support. Control of the PA state legislature may be in play this year.

Bryan's team is still in the process of shifting his campaign website over to the new race. I'll try to remember to come back and post a url when it's ready.

At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bryans site just went up:
Hoping you can check it out.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Pitt Daddy said...

I have lived in this district all my life. I've watched Mr. Weldon's term in Congress careully.
Mr. Weldon has proven to be everything I want from a Congressman. He is and always has been the biggest supporter of first responders in Congress. He understands what Congress should be focused on... protecting us from those who want to kill us.
While I applaud Mr. Sestak's service to our country, I find his Monday Morning quarterbacking of Iraq outrageous. The regime in Iraq fully supported those who want to kill us. Al-queda is NOT the only group in radical Islam. He needed to be stopped. Mr. Weldon has consistently supported the need to stop " those that support terrorism".
Adding to my distain of Mr. Sestak is the support of Vietnam traitor, John Kerry.
Keep your money in your own districts. And stay out of ours.

At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just met Admiral(ret)Sestak yesterday 6/13 while visiting a new friend who worked for Attorney Lee Herman who shares the building with Sestak HQ.Can honestly say that by the shake of his hand and straight look in his eyes,this is no bullshit politian.Going to print and give to my sons buddies just back home (Marines mostly) and do the same in Drexel and upper Darby.Even though I am an R this gentleman deserves our vote.Weldon could not hold Sestaks jock. Dennis Lawler SR.MACSOG


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