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Jesus, I could have done without writing yet another Mean Jean Schmidt blog post. But the Art Department has been insisting this is the story everyone wants to hear about. I don't get this. The Art Department is in West Palm Beach, Florida. They have a genuine psychotic running for the U.S. Senate (whose campaign continues to disintigrate before our eyes) and a whole pacel of nutcases and loons up for re-election to Congress (not to mention a governor who can't stop eating). But they seem fascinated by the only confirmed crack-whore on Capitol Hill, the unfortunate Mean Jean Schmidt.

OK, a couple days ago the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER exposed Mean Jean as a liar (again). Schmidt, who neither confirms nor denies KGO Radio's assertions that she is a crack whore, has claimed, for no apparent reason other than psychosis (possibly brought on by extended crack use), that she earned two degrees from the University of Cincinnati. She didn't and to former Republican Congressman Bob McEwen, who is challenging Schmidt in the May 2 GOP primary based on her fitness to hold public office-- or, rather, her lack of it-- this is just another in a long list of irrational nonsense Schmidt is always spewing. (Remember when she claimed to be getting marriage proposals from Republican congressmen after she called decorated war hero Jack Murtha a coward? They all turned out to be from gay Republicans like Mark Foley and David Dreier looking for a beard.) Anyway, her campaign claims that even if she didn't actually get the degree, she should have because she attended classes... or something. Oh. Can you imagine telling that to a personnel director questioning your job resume?

McEwen also is complaining that the delusional Schmidt is insisting that Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot and Colorado KKK leader Tom Tancredo have both endorsed her. Both vehemently deny it. Picky, picky.

And Republican voters in Ohio's 2nd congressional district seem eager to return her to Congress.


According to the new Zogby poll, McEwen is catching up to Mean Jean. Only 2% separates them-- less than the poll's margin of error. At the same time, several news outlets in the district have reported that the Ohio Elections Commission has found probable cause that Schmidt may have violated state election law for claiming two degrees in campaign literature.

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At 5:11 PM, Blogger Morse said...

If you check her website and look at her endorsements, there's a noticable absence of Ken Blackwell, and no mention at all of veterans groups. I think Mean Jean alienated Ohio veterans with her smear of Jack Murtha.


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