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Yesterday drunken, vomit-soaked walking embarrassment to Democracy, Congresswoman Mean Jean Schmidt joined fellow corporate whores John McHugh (NY), Phil Gingrey (GA), C.W. Bill Young (FL) and Steve Buyer (IN) in claiming the disgraceful and shameful scandal of Walter Reed was nothing but hype. What these five little pieces of crap all have in common is that they are all Republican hacks. Their warmongering party shouts "support the troops" when they mean "support Bush's disastrous wars and the hell with the actual men and women who are the troops. They don't care about the wounded vets who come back from the battlefield. They sent them there ill-equipped and they don't care if they live or they die.

A few days ago the House Appropriations Committee voted in favor of a bill to make sure our troops were properly trained and adequately equipped before being sent to Iraq. Every single Republican on the committee voted against the bill. Every one of them. Two of the worst and most corrupt members of that committee, each grown personally wealthy from taking bribes from defense contractors and lobbyists, are from my own state of California, one from the northern part of the state, John Doolittle and one from the southern part of the state, Jerry Lewis. These are two of the most venal and monstrous characters to have ever been elected to public office in America.

Yesterday my friend Kagro X mentioned the infamy of the Republican members of this committee at Daily Kos and he offered a video which helped defeat ex-Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia. I want to ask you to take a moment and look at the video, which was made last year by

Now please look at the Iraq War voting records of John Doolittle and Jerry Lewis. Perfect scores-- perfect zeros. They each voted for war, war and more war on every single vote. Now look at their voting records concerning the well-being of our country's military personnel: Doolittle-- on the 15 votes regarding the well-being of our fighting men and women, the only time Doolittle didn't vote against them was on October 30, 2003 when he was absent-- and Jerry Lewis-- 3 absences but an otherwise perfect record of undermining the well-being of our fighting men and women. Hard to believe? These two who never tire of chanting "Support our troops?" They say what they need to say to be elected and then do what they need to do to serve the interests of their Big Money masters. Last year Lt. Col. Charlie Brown started something we need to help him finish. He sees this the same way I do. "Time and again, John Doolittle votes to send young people into combat while denying them the tools they need to succeed in their mission and the quality aftercare they’ve been promised. Leaving those who defend America exposed to preventable death, and our military unprepared to deal with future security threats is beyond irresponsible-- it’s completely indefensible."

There are no elected members of either house of Congress as dangerous to our country's safety and security as John Doolittle and Jerry Lewis. These are the shame of the great state of California. In November a real patriotic America and military vet, Charlie Brown, whose son is on active duty in Iraq, nearly defeated Doolittle and held him to below 50%. Next year Brown has promised to work even harder and retire Doolittle from public life. Our Blue America PAC was proud that the very first candidate we endorsed for 2008 was Charlie Brown and I want to humbly ask you to donate directly to his campaign today-- whether $5 or $500 or anything in between-- here through Blue America. 10% of all contributions this month will go to assist his district's outreach programs that help homeless veterans and other vets down on their luck.

Last year Lewis was the head of the Appropriations Committee and one of the biggest kingpins in the Republican Culture of Corruption put together by Tom DeLay and Roy Blunt. He deftly arranged to have no real opponent in 2006. This year the DCCC has a real fighter in Chris Van Hollen and Van Hollen has told me that the days of human waste like Jerry Lewis taking re-election for granted are gone. As Howard Dean recommended, Democrats will stand and fight all over America now, bringing truth and light where in the past there was only lies and darkness. There is no official candidate who has declared against Jerry Lewis yet although several are readying their campaigns. I guarantee you that a donation to the Blue America PAC is a donation towards the political demise of Jerry Lewis.

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