Monday, November 07, 2005

GAY OLD PARTY! RIGHT WING LOON: "The top level of the GOP is infested with Gays and would shock ordinary Americans if they ever got a close look"


Most normal Americans have probably never read an extreme right-wing Republikook website. I know I never had until this morning. I'm waiting for Tony, the roofer, to finish fixing the leaks so what the hey. Anyway I came across a real doozy called Phoenix News with titles like "Frustrated Fitzgerald Used Libby to Justify Fruitless Probe," "Blistering Stories of Iraqi Atrocities All Lies, Former Marine Admits (Liberal Propaganda Exposed)," "Sex at School Increasing (Liberals See No Concern)," "Lewis 'Scooter' Libby’s Sexual Perversions Exposed - Bestiality, Incest & the Jewish Mind," and lots of paranoid, typically rightist attacks on Barbra Streisand, immigrants, the Clintons, John Kerry, NY TIMES writers, Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame (apparently in WingNutia Wilson outed Plame!). But my fave was an article by a homophobic wing-nut named James Buchanan called "A Gay Mafia in the Republican Party?" This particular loon seems very concerned that "over the last ten years, an increasing number of Gays have turned up at high levels in the Republican Party." He's concerned about the toothless and ineffective Log Cabin Republicans and about outings of rightist Congressman David Dreier (D-CA) and Arianna's ex-husband and GOP senate candidate Michael Huffington, but he's sure that this is just the sign of a "much larger problem."

And in loon world it is indeed. Buchanan titillates the Arizona wingnuts with an article that "reports George Bush’s closest advisor, Karl Rove, has been seen frequenting a Gay bar in Washington DC. Another article reports 'The Gay Republican Mafia is evidently in control of the Party, even as they spin hard to avoid the obvious questions. How did so many closeted conservative gay men wind up in the upper echelons of the GOP? Should the GOP be called the Gay Old Party now? With gay RNC chairman Ken Mehlman and the latest outing of fake reporter Jeff Gannon, a GOPUSA/ Talon News shill, the issue of Karl Rove has come out as well, so to speak.”

He's got some info he shares about Gannon/Guckert (but doesn't mention him sleeping with McClellen in the White House or about his predilection for "water sports") but this isn't what Buchanan is most concerned about. "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack have been blissfully ignorant of the true nature of the Bush regime." They don't know Rove and Mehlman are homos; they don't know Rove is Bush's brain. "They think everything is being done for sincere, patriotic reasons while nothing could be further from the truth." But, like normal Americans have known for a long time, WingNutia is now learning, not everything-- anything?-- that comes from the Bush Regime should be taken at face value.

"Even worse," Buchanan warns the double-digit IQ crowd his blather is geared towards, "there are plans to change the Republican Party to make it just as Gay-friendly as the Democrats. If George Bush selling us out on illegal immigration isn’t bad enough, there’s more betrayal ahead. A recent article reports 'Charles Francis, a homosexual activist and friend of President George W. Bush, regularly briefs Bush senior advisor Karl Rove on his group’s effort to end the GOP’s opposition to homosexuality, according to a National Journal report. Francis heads the Republican Unity Coalition (RUC), a year-old organization that seeks to make homosexuality a non-issue in the Republican Party. The RUC has the backing of several prominent Republicans and Bush backers — including senior White House aide Mary Matalin, who is pictured prominently on the group’s Web site attending a 2000 fund-raiser for the Coalition. Former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson (Wyoming) has taken a public role as the RUC’s honorary chairman, chastising Republicans who oppose homosexual behavior.”

And of course, Bush's biggest act of betrayal to the homophobic maniacs? "One fact that went completely over the heads of most Americans is that George Bush did absolutely nothing to outlaw Gay marriage. All Bush did was talk. Perhaps he didn’t want to upset the Republican Gay Mafia by actually passing legislation himself. He could have had a federal law created in the Republican-controlled House and signed it into law himself, but he didn’t. Instead, local state Republican workers did all the work to put propositions on their state ballots and Bush stole all the credit. The truth is that we need a new political party. The Republican Party only pretends to represent our interests. The top level of the GOP is infested with Gays and would shock ordinary Americans if they ever got a close look."

Isn't the KKK good enough for this guy? Too high and mighty for a nice bedsheet and pillowcase? May I suggest Frette?



At 11:49 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

So your wingnut scribe is named "James Buchanan," eh? The very name of our one and only "bachelor" president!

Coincidence? Is the pope a Nazi wingnut? (Oh, right.)

Well, no wonder the poor fellow is in such a hissy-pissy state. He's clearly on the verge of outing HIMSELF!


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...

The phrase you are looking for is known as "self-hate."

Some people are gay, but are raised to believe that its wrong. So they try to "fix" themselves through projecting their self-hate onto the rest of the country through anti-gay legislation.

I think its fair to bet that there are more gays in the GOP than in the Democratic party.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by the fact that so many politicians vote in ways that are hostile to others who are just like themselves. (ie: gay Republican s voting to block any sort of equal rights for gay people) As another posted pointed out,it could be self hate projected outwards in some cases. I am not so sure it is as benign as that, personally. I think it is just contempt for the "common" people. Politicians of all stripes have long been known to pass laws that ban or limit the very activities they themselves gleefully participate in. (Drugs, Embezzlement, Fraud, Insider Trading, Bribe Taking, War Crimes, etc.) I think at the base of it is simply a notion that what is good for them is different than what is good for the "little people." It is a pathological sense of "specialness," and entitlement when it comes to their own interests coupled with "scorn" for the suckers, (us) who play by the "rules." I ran across many versions of this concept being articulated by my fellow students in business school. (Which played a large part in my deciding to switch my major to philosophy) It isn't even a subconscious scorn, which in my mind might be more forgivable. No, it is calculated arrogance of the highest order. The only real question is, are they right? Are we really so dumb and apathetic that we "deserve" to be taken? How about we all vote "no" on that.


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