Monday, April 15, 2019

Your Taxes Are Due Before Midnight-- So... A Good Day For Democratic Candidates To Send Out Contribution E-Mails


Some people do it right-- and some don't. Three that came in early that demonstrate how to do it are by a progressive candidate in Georgia, Marqus Cole, a progressive Northern California candidate, Audrey Denney, and a new progressive action committee run by Randy Bryce. Let's start with Cole, who's running to flip a Republican seat in the suburbs northwest of Atlanta. (Note: Marqus told me he writes his e-mails himself, the way Alan Grayson always did and few other candidates even try to do. Most hire consultants to handle that chore, which explains why they come across as so woefully inauthentic.)

This tax season, middle-class Americans are finding that their tax refunds have shrunk -- while millionaires and corporations are still rejoicing over their enormous tax cuts. Thanks to President Trump and Mitch McConnell’s tax plan, 60 companies-- including Amazon, Netflix, and Chevron-- will pay $0 on their BILLIONS in profits this year.

Placing the full burden of taxes on everyday Americans while the rich get richer is NOT just-- it’s morally and ethically wrong.

I’ve spent my career fighting for folks to get a fair shake. In Congress, I’ll make sure that we all have to pay our fair share of taxes-- starting at the top. Pitch in now to join me in the fight for the middle class.

Make no mistake: the GOP tax plan was paid for by billionaires and corporate executives. According to the Center for Public Integrity, wealthy donors donated over $30 MILLION to Republicans in just TWO MONTHS to get their 2018 tax plan passed.

It’s not easy to call out big donors and powerful companies, but I’m choosing to tell the truth because I don’t need their support-- I know that our campaign is fueled by grassroots donors who share a vision for an America that works for ALL its people.

Goal ThermometerIt’s time to simplify the tax code and close loopholes that allow the rich to avoid paying their fair share. Will you join my campaign as we fight for middle-class American families like yours?

My family isn’t part of the 1%. I’m pretty sure yours isn’t either, Howard. We work hard to make ends meet and do our best to save for our childrens’ future. We’re right here in this fight with you.

  In solidarity,

Like that approach? There's more to think about than just "give me some money because Trump is horrible." If you like it and want to help elect a progressive Democrat to replace a Republican in Georgia-- in a district Stacey Abrams won-- please click on the Blue America thermometer above and contribute what you can to Marqus' campaign. And here's another good approach, this one from Audrey Denney:

Audrey started with a simple, "Friend, it's Tax Day!" And then lit into her district's very conservative Republican congressman and Trump apologist and enabler.
That reminds me of something. My opponent, Rep. Doug LaMalfa, spent much of the last election touting and defending the Trump “tax cuts.” He said the average family in our district would see an extra $4,000 in their pockets this year.

I am hearing regularly from people all over our district who have not experienced this promised reduction. So I have one simple question: Did you experience an extra $4,000 this tax season, or did our Congressman break his promise? We need a representative who can deliver real results and accurate information to the people of Northern California, not the same politicians who mislead their constituents in the name of political gain. It’s time for fresh leadership.

Hold Rep. Doug LaMalfa accountable to his word: let us know whether or not you experienced having another $4,000 in your pocket this past year.
Now, the Iron PAC, is Randy Bryce's new outfit, meant to helping working class candidates get elected to Congress. Randy decided to use Tax Day to hone in on one bad Republican incumbent he's hoping to see defeated in 2020, Florida's Vern Buchanan. Here's the e-mail he sent out yesterday-- short, sweet and right to the point:

With tomorrow’s tax deadline coming up, we can’t stop thinking about Rep. Vern Buchanan, who bought himself a new yacht the same day he voted to give himself a $2.1+ million tax cut.

More than half of members of Congress are millionaires--they can’t relate to the issues people struggling to make car payments are dealing with.

Here’s my promise to you: with your support, Iron PAC will seek out and support working people who do more than acknowledge that the middle class is struggling. Iron PAC will work with men and women who are struggling and give them the tools to fix our country.

Can you chip in $5 to help Vern and his plutocrat buddies spend a little more time on their yachts, and give our country back to the people who built it?

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At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wife and I are retired and living on a pension of less than your panacea of $15/hr. And we got crushed by the new tax scheme.

So if other regular folks find out they, too, are crushed, your pleas for donations might come up wanting.

Not sure that's REALLY your job anyway...


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