Sunday, April 14, 2019

Most Actual Democrats Are Progressives-- Though Not The Ones In Congress


According to a new poll from the University of Chicago's General Social Survey, 54% of Democrats describe themselves as liberals. In 1974, when GSS first asked that question, only 32% did, most of the rest describing themselves as moderates or conservatives. Harvard's Co-operative Congressional Election Study released this year, show that even Dems who identify as conservative, support progressive policies. In fact, more than 90% of Democratic voters-- if not careerist congressmembers, support Medicare-for-All, want to see the federal minimum wage increase to at least $12 per hour, and agree that the EPA should regulate carbon dioxide emissions. While Republican-controled legislatures around the country are passing very extreme and radical anti-Choice legislation, 80% of Democrats agree that governments should not restrict women’s access to abortion.

But even the grassroots of the party identifies as liberal and supports a progressive agenda, many, perhaps most, Democrats in the House are not liberal and do not support a progressive agenda. They are careerists and opportunists who support whatever it takes to advance their careers. Like most politicians, they follow; they do not lead. There are nearly two dozen men and women running for the Democratic presidential nomination. When it comes to policy, two-- Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren-- are leaders. The rest are, at best, followers or, at worst, reactionaries.

There are 235 Democrats serving in the House today. Only 108 are co-sponsors of Pramila Jayapal's new-and-improved Medicare-For-All bill (H.R. 1384). Only 91 are co-sponsors of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's Green New Deal (H.R. 109). And, most shockingly of all, there is even resistance inside the Democratic caucus-- primarily led by the New Dems-- to Bobby Scott's $15 federal minimum wage legislation (H.R. 582). 205 Democrats have signed on as co-sponsors, although some are plotting behind the scenes to scupper it. And that still leaves 30 Democrats unwilling to co-sponsor a desperately needed livable minimum wage, primarily Blue Dogs, New Dems and cowards who are afraid of the wrong thing. (Cheri Bustos' new diktat about no primaries, helps make conservative DINO Democrats, like herself, feel less anxious about screwing their own base.

It's imperative that unaccountable Democrats in deep blue districts who never have to worry about facing a Republican opponent fear having to face a Democratic one. I've noticed that after Marie Newman almost defeated bigoted Blue Dog Dan Lipinski in 2018, he began voting slightly less frequently with the GOP. (Example, his Trump adhesion score for the 115th Congress was a ghastly 40.9%, one of the worst scores for a Democrat in Congress in terms of backing Trump. Newman is primarying him again and in the 116th Congress, his score is perfect-- zero... no Trump votes at all. ProgressivePunch still rates him an "F" but his lifetime crucial vote score is a 57.99, while this year his crucial vote score is 92.31, the same as progressives Chuy Garcia, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, David Cicilline and Steve Cohen.)

The CPC-- Congressional Progressive Caucus-- has done well on the policy front but has been largely ineffective as a political vehicle. The new co-chair, Pramila Jayapal, is working hard to remedy that. Last week, the CPC actually stood up against party leadership when it tried to rush through a budget that drastically overspent on the military and woefully underspent on domestic progressive priorities. Pelosi and Hoyer were forced to withdraw their plans to call a vote on the budget, caught between the Democratic wing of the party (basically the CPC) and the Republican wing of the party (Blue Dogs and New Dems). Jayapal: "This is a big victory in that it became clear that without real, strong progressive inclusion into the process of a bill, we're not going to be able to get there. We have to make sure our priorities are taken into account."

The budget bill Pelosi and Hoyer tried to ram through caps Pentagon spending at $664 billion in 2020 and $680 billion in 2021, while capping domestic spending at $631 billion in 2020 and $646 billion in 2021. The CPC position is that there has to be equity between domestic spending and defense spending. A much better strategy would be to flat out stop increasing the Pentagon budget until after an audit is successfully completed.
Results of the inspection-- conducted by some 1,200 auditors and examining financial accounting on a wide range of spending including on weapons systems, military personnel and property-- were expected to be completed later in the day.

“We failed the audit, but we never expected to pass it,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters, adding that the findings showed the need for greater discipline in financial matters within the Pentagon.

“It was an audit on a $2.7 trillion dollar organization, so the fact that we did the audit is substantial,” Shanahan added... Shanahan said areas the Pentagon must improve upon based on the audit results include compliance with cybersecurity policies and improving inventory accuracy. In a briefing with reporters, he did not provide a figure detailing how much money was unaccounted for in the audit.

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At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

most VOTERS are progressive-ish. All of the democrap PARTY are fascists who owe their souls to money. Not the little money of the VOTERS, but the gigantic money of the corporations and billionaires who own them.

This has been the case for nearly 4 decades. It was observed by the late great Molly Ivins in the '90s. Any voter who cannot see it today is dumber than fuck.

based on the fact that these progressive-ish VOTERS keep electing the same democrap PARTY fascists... they are dumber than fuck.

fuck we're stupid!

At 11:35 PM, Blogger edmondo said...

Just watched Nancy Pelosi trashing AOC on "60 Minutes".

Remember when you told us we had to support her attempt to run for Speaker again? LOL Laugh's on you.

At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, edmondo. remind the sheepdog that it successfully herded the idiot sheep into the "free speech zone" again. the dog is already wagging its tail so much, it's exhausted itself.

it's on voters to realize that their actions are not working. But they still are far too stupid to get there.

fuck we're stupid!

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pelosi or any speaker was never going to get shit done. Pelosi should be seen as a placeholder. She is going to be replaced in the next Congress if a Democrat wins. If it is a neo-lib, she will get supplanted by some fellow traveler. If it is Bernie, then it will be someone well to her left. Then the pressure is on to make the case for voting for Bernie-crats in 2022 to actually get something accomplished.

Our trolls here love to tell us how stupid we all are, especially the DWT team, and that we need to vote for some non-existent 3rd party. But we see here how Congress works. Lipinski is a piece of shit, but he is a sniveling back-bencher and his votes have cleaned up now that his job is on the line. He should still be primaried hard and removed, but he is one of many who will sway with the winds and will vote for stuff we need if pressure is brought to bear.

The problem is that the Senate is quite as malleable and is definitely more corrupt. It will be hard enough to have a functioning 3rd party just trying to make the House work, but getting this mythical 3rd party to a position of controlling the Senate seems like even more of a fool's errand.

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neera Tanden loves her trolls, especially 7:04.

Profit$ Uber Alle$!

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol at 8:00AM. I am pretty sure the you and your 'democrap' troll buddy that comment here on every single thread are paid hacks from Brock's shop. Neera probably doesn't have the funds to pay for trolls who can constantly monitor sites with smaller readership like this one.

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neera doesn't pay you out of her own pocket. That's what the contributions fools like you pay are for.

Now go back to pretending Bernie cheated Hillary out of HER! White House when she got more votes than Trump did.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:04, if Pelosi is a placeholder, which I do NOT believe, then every single democrap is also a placeholder or, rather, a seat-warmer. They exist only so that the greatest corporate whore can be "elected" to the speakershit.

As such, it does not matter at all whether Bernie is elected. The house membershit will still "elect" some corporate whore or Nazi motherfucker speaker. Bernie being in the white house (and viewed as an interloper by the democrap oligarchy) would impel the corporate whores to make damn sure their worst is elevated in order to protect their donors and donations from Bernie.

Of course the same applies to the senate.

I will not claim that the Greens would be in a position to get a majority for a while, even if a significant swath of the left electorate actually did yank their melons out of their sphincters.

I do point out, though, that continuing to elect seat-warmers so that a single corruptest fascistest whore becomes the tyrant of the house (and the senate) is even less effective in 'getting shit done'.

At least a burgeoning Green presence might tend to dampen the worst whoring that the democraps would be doing and/or the worst Nazi impulses that the Nazis would be trying (and the democraps would be blithely allowing)... and give the electorate something different to consider... if they even CAN consider.

The left isn't stupid because it feels that a 3rd party would not immediately be effective.
the left is stupid because it feels that the status quo, which has REFUSED TO DO shit for them in 4 decades, will suddenly become effective THIS time.


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