Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hmmm... What To Run While Everyone Is Watching Game Of Thrones


Donny Deutsch is another one of those faux celebrities who is famous for being famous, like Paris Hilton. Like Trump, he's from Queens and went to the University of Pennsylvania and got some notoriety by appearing on The Apprentice. He became addicted to being on TV when he was still a kid-- as a contestant on a game show-- the Match Game-- winning $5,000. He joined his father's advertising company and eventually got rich by selling it for $265 million dollars. And now he's cable-TV-famous, mostly as a regular on Morning Joe.

About a year ago he got in a little bit of trouble for saying aloud what many normal people wonder about, basically that people who voted for Trump are "like Nazis." Last month, though, he said on MSNBC that he would vote for Señor Trumpanzee rather than anyone-- Bernie-- he thinks is a socialist.

This past Friday he appeared on MSNBC's Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace" to examine Trump's mental health. He read from the website Profile Of The Sociopath: "They never recognize the right of others and see their behaviors as permissible, their victim is merely an instrument to be used. There’s no remorse, shame or guilt, they don’t see others around them as people, but only targets and opportunities. Instead of friends they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. They’re callous and have a lack of empathy. They’re unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them. They believe they’re all powerful, all knowing, entitled to every wish. No sense of personal boundary and no concern for their impact on others." Undeniable who that sounds like. And in case you missed it, Deutsch elucidated:
We have to be frightened and outraged. This president is showing the behavior of every autocratic despot in the history of the world... And there starts to need to be fear and outrage and not just analysis."
Goal ThermometerBut he'd vote to reelect him instead of seeing Bernie become president? Nicolle didn't ask him. Strange guy. If you don't see it that way-- better a sociopath than Bernie-- please consider chipping in to Bernie's 2020 presidential campaign. His average contribution has been $20 this cycle. You can hive more; you can give less. We suggest $20.20 in the hope that 2020 represents the year that we don't only get rid of the psychopath in the White House but that we replace him with a transformational political figure you is not just another one of the long line of mediocre presidents we've had since FDR, but someone who will actually do something to challenge and overcome the fundamental ills of our society. Bernie's that person. And we don't often get such a clear-cut choice. Deutsch is one of those multimillionaires-- nice being an heir, isn't it?-- who would rather have a dangerous psychopath in the White House than a Democratic Socialist who would make multimillionaires pay their fair share of taxes. I bet you don't feel that way. He's wrong! Please click on the ActBlue thermometer on the right and help replace Trump with Bernie.

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