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The NRCC Wants Everyone To Know Who Their Weakest Incumbents For 2020 Are


The GOP defeat was so stunning and so overwhelming that HALF of these 10 random losing incumbents didn't even get into the NRCC Patriot Program

The NRCC Patriot Program-- which is charged with protecting vulnerable Republican incumbents-- was a total hot mess last year. Of the 30 members included in the program, 20 were defeated. These were the victims of the Patriot Program's inability to fight an anti-red/anti-Trump wave (the is bound to remain strong, or even strengthen, in 2020):
Mike Bishop (MI)
Rod Blum (IA)
Mike Coffman (CO)
Barbara Comstock (VA)
John Culberson (TX)
Carlos Curbelo (FL)
Jeff Denham (CA)
John Faso (NY)
Steve Knight (CA)
Jason Lewis (MN)
Tom MacArthur (NJ)
Erik Paulsen (MN)
Bruce Poliquin (ME)
Dana Rohrabacher (CA)
Keith Rothfus (PA)
Scott Taylor (VA)
Claudia Tenney (NY)
David Valadao (CA)
David Young (IA)
Kevin Yoder (KS)
On Friday the NRCC announced the first 8 members they added to the doomed program. It's a nice roadmap for Democrats to check who the opposition party thinks their weakest incumbents are. No surprises at all though:
Fred Upton (MI)- won re-election with 50.2%. Trump carried the 6th district by 8.4 points.
Don Bacon (NE)- won re-election with 51.0%. Trump carried the 2nd district by 2.2 points.
Lee Zeldin (NY)- won re-election with 51.5%. Trump carried the 1st district by 12.3 points.
John Katko (NY)- won re-election with 52.6%. Trump lost the 24th district by 3.6 points.
Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)- won re-election with 51.3%. Trump lost the 1st district by 2 points.
Michael McCaul (TX)- won re-election with 51.1%. Trump carried the 10th district by 9.1 points.
Pete Olson (TX)- won re-election with 51.4%. Trump carried the 22nd district by 7.9.
Will Hurd (TX)- won re-election by less than half a point (49.2%). Trump lost the 23rd district by 3.4.
John Carter (TX)- won re-election with 50.6%. Trump carried the 31st district by 12.7.
Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)- won re-election with 52.7%. Trump carried the 3rd district by 7.4.

The DCCC and the NRCC are two of the lamest and most incompetent organizations in American politics-- and every year they battle it out, wasting tens of millions of dollars with their lame and ineffective strategies. One of the ugliest dances I see them doing every year is for the DCCC to warn their swing district candidates to trying to sound like Republicans as much as possible and to even vote like Republicans when they can. Two great examples are Blue Dogs Joe Cunningham (SC) and Charlie Crist (FL). Both have extraordinarily low "F" grades from ProgressivePunch. In fact, Cunningham has the single worst voting record of any Democrat this session-- a 30.77 lifetime crucial vote score. Two Republicans-- Justin Amash (MI) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)-- vote more progressively than Cunningham! Crist's lifetime crucial vote score is 56.77, indicating he votes slightly more frequently with Democrats than with Republicans. The DCCC tells them that will make them safer. But does it? Do they attract Republican voters? Not many, but that strategy sure turns off progressives and other Democratic base voters. And, instead of staving off criticism from the Republicans (and their right-wing media allies), it attracts it. Which Democrats do they put the most money and energy into attacking? The 3 most recent posts on the official NRCC blog were all posted on Thursday by Camille Gallo-- one on North Carolina Blue Dog candidate Dan McCready which also allowed them to sling some mud at Ilhan Omar:
Last night Dan McCready tried to thread the ol’ anti-Semitism needle, tweeting that he refused racist Ilhan Omar’s donations because he disagrees with any anti-Semitic comments.

But then he oddly stood up for the anti-Semite in his very next tweet.

Democrats were not happy, as one state Senator slammed McCready’s wish-washy decision to refuse Omar’s money.

Looks like McCready can’t have it both ways.

NRCC Comment: “Dan McCready’s faux condemnation of anti-Semite and racist Ilhan Omar is pathetic. If McCready is this feckless now, how can North Carolinians expect him to stand up to the socialist Democrats in Congress?” -NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo
And the other two posts? Crist and Cunningham. No matter how many times they vote with the Republicans, the will always be attacked by the Republicans-- until they flip their registrations and become Republicans. Cunningham:
On the campaign trail, Joe Cunningham couldn’t stand lobbyists.

...He even said, lobbyists have had “a stranglehold over American politics for far too long.”

But now that he’s in the swamp, he’s fallen in love with them. The Charleston Post and Courier reports that Cunningham has hired THREE DC lobbyists to work for him.

That "stranglehold" is strong in Joe’s office.

NRCC Comment: “One of Joe Cunningham’s first decisions after being elected was to hire a bunch of DC lobbyists-- the very same thing he railed against on the campaign trail. Joe Cunningham is a joke, period.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo
The title of the post about "former" life-long Republican Charlie Crist is hilarious, especially since it beckons back to when he was the Republican governor of Florida: Charlie Crist-- The Socialist Democrats' Congressman. See? No matter how right-wing the voting record-- and Crist's is pretty right-wing-- the NRCC has a formula they'll stuff you into anyway: "Socialist! Socialist! Socialist! Venezuela!"
When Charlie Crist was Florida’s governor he ran as "The People’s Governor" and now proudly refers to himself as "The People’s Congressman." Through his long political career he’s claimed to put "people over politics," and that being loyal to a political party over the people is wrong.

But it looks like Charlie has ditched this conviction quicker than he’s switched political parties by joining the DCCC’s leadership team with the main goal of electing more socialist Democrats to Congress.

So much for putting people over politics, right?!

NRCC Comment: “Charlie Crist is going to need a new catchy campaign slogan. By joining the DCCC’s leadership team, Charlie has proven he’d rather be a party boss for the socialist Democrats than represent the people of Florida.” -NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo
Democrats-- like Crist and Cunningham-- would be better off to stop dancing with the GOP and go for the jugular-- like like the Republicans do. The Democratic Establishment is whispering already about abandoning the state of Ohio because it's just "too red" for them to deal with. Bernie's having none of that bullshit. Last year Sherrod Brown, an unapologetic progressive, was reelected convincingly, beating multimillionaire Trumpist congressman, Jim Renacci 2,358,508 (53.4%) to 2,057,559 (46.6%), despite Renacci dumping over half a million dollars of his own it his failing campaign. Likewise, Obama beat McCain there is 2008 and then beat Romney in 2012. So why is it too red to contest for the establishment goof-bags? They all come from Hillary's failed campaign and she lost badly, after not seriously contesting the state anyway. Bernie's response? Watch this video his campaign released yesterday; this is how it's done-- right in their faces:

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At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as the democraptic Party remains corporatist (as in, "We're all capitalists here"), nothing is really going to change. They will still excel at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. So there is little risk in the NRCC promoting their losers are endangered. The GOP base will be energized, and the democraps will fall all over themselves delivering the victory to the Republicans.

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That cartoon is equally valid for democraps.

In districts and states where the Nazis are prevalent, the democrap cannot win even when they pretend to BE Nazis. It's the nexus of white, stupid and hate.

The non-Nazi majorities who elect democraps are just a nexus of stupid.

The NRCC can't do much except try to make sure ALL of their voters show up and hope that the shitty democrap performance (40 years and counting) discourage enough of THEIR voters so that the Nazi wins.

corporations pay both sides, so they will be taken care of either way.


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