Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Trump Is Still Dangerous-- But Most Of America Has Started Ignoring Him


Robert Reich released this video above before the new Morning Consult weekly poll came out. But it seems to back up what Reich said. "Trump's net approval sank to its lowest point since Putin handed him the key to the White House following the release of a redacted version of Mueller’s report. While 57% of registered voters disapproved of his job performance, only 39% approved. Worse news for Trump is that among independent voters, 32% approve and 58% disapprove (41% strongly).

Most indicators point to voters being pretty much done with Trump:
By a margin of 63-37%, most Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. (Among independents, the score is a more frightening 66-34%.)
Asked if they planning on voting in the Democratic or Republican presidential primaries in 2020, 45% of registered votes said the Democratic primaries and just 34% said the Republican primaries.
Asked who they would vote for if the general election was today, 24% said definitely for Trump, 10% said probably for Trump, 49% said definitely for someone else and 8% said probably for someone else. (among independents, that comes out to 16% definitely for Trump, 10% probably for Trump, 46% definitely for someone else and 11% probably for someone else.
Asked who they would trust more to protect Medicare and Social Security 48% of voters said the Democrats in Congress and 29% said the Republicans in Congress
How important of a priority is each of these areas for Congress to tackle:
Reducing federal deficit- 80%
Healthcare reform- 79%
Immigration reform- 74%
Infrastructure- 72%
Climate change- 63%
DACA protection- 62%
Reducing economic inequality- 59%
Gun control- 58%
Investigating Trump's conflicts of interests- 52%
Regulating tech companies- 52%
Impeachment- 41%
Building a wall- 40%
Asked which version of Russian interference they believe, 23% said Trump's version and 46% said Mueller's version. Among independents, only 14% believe Trump's version.

A new poll from Tulchin shows Bernie beating Trump in head to head match-ups in 3 key states:

Michigan- Bernie- 52%; Trump- 41%
Wisconsin- Bernie- 52%; Trump- 42%
Pennsylvania- Bernie- 51%; Trump- 43%

And by the way, even Trump staffers were ignoring him:

You remember Joe Lockhart? He was a Bill Clinton press secretary for a couple of years toward the end of Clinton's term. After that he worked doing communications for Kerry's campaign, Facebook and the NFL, a kind of middle of the road, establishment Democrat. He did an OpEd for the NY Times yesterday, There's A Bigger Prize Than Impeachmentm making the point that "letting Trump stay in office will destroy the Republican Party." He claims that leaving "Trump in office is not only good politics-- it is the best chance for fundamental realignment of American politics in more than a generation" since he's already "three years into destroying what we know as the Republican Party. Another two years just might finish it off. Trumpism has become Republicanism, and that spells electoral doom for the party."
Trump has abandoned most of the core principles that have defined Republicans for the past century. Free trade abandoned for protectionism. Challenging our adversaries and promoting democracy replaced by coddling Russia and cozying up to dictators near and far. Fiscal conservatism replaced by reckless spending and exploding deficits.

What’s left of the party is a rigid adherence to tax cuts, a social agenda that repels most younger Americans and rampant xenophobia and race-based politics that regularly interfere with the basic functioning of the federal government.

Republicans today are the party of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson-- a coalition that, in the face of every demographic trend in America, will mean the long-term realignment of the federal government behind the Democrats.
Lockhart eagerly acknowledges that Trump is unfit for office and that "he represents a clear and present danger to our national security" but judges the whole sordid mess in terms of the Republican impeachment of his old boss. He fears united the GOP around defending Trump; he fears Democratic overreach-- which would be something that hasn't happened in 7 or 8 decades-- and he fears the Senate rejecting impeachment. "And," he wrote, "in politics, a loss is a loss-- there are no moral victories." No salient arguments there.
Allowing Mr. Trump to lead the Republican Party, filled with sycophants and weak-willed leaders, into the next election is the greater prize. Democrats have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realign American politics along progressive lines, very much like Ronald Reagan did for Republicans in the 1980s.

Trumpism equals Republicanism as long as Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket. And a real shift to progressivism in America will be delivered by a devastating rebuke of the president and his party, a rebuke that will return control of the Senate and state houses across the nation. Politics is always a gamble-- and this is the best bet we’ve had in a long time.
I would bet that Lockhart defines progressivism as the neo-liberalism of the Clintons, Joe Lieberman and Joe Biden. I would also bet that Lockhart, like other centrist Democrats, would welcome Republicans leaving the GOP into the Democratic Party to the point of allowing them to take over and helping the corporatists shut down actual progressives. We owe American history an impeachment of Trump, not as a moral victory-- and independent of a shameless Republican Senate refusing to convict hi-- but as a gift to posterity. And as an example of calling out a criminal as a criminal, marking him forever, whether he lives in the White House or not. School children in the future should be encouraged to piss on his grave.

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At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lockhart is rationalizing the cowardice of Pelosi. period.

The Nazi party was probably MORE moribund when the crash kneecapped 10 million homeowners and cost 11 million jobs and contracted the economy in 2008. Remember, this was 7 years after 9/11 and years after the criminal invasion of Iraq based on sooooo many lies by sooooo many Nazis (that eventually created ISIS)...
AND over a year after Pelosi first took the gavel in the house and disallowed any and all oversight and constraints on the Nazi admin, wall street and war.

The Nazi party was given cpr and resurrected from the dead after the massive anti-red wave of 2008 (much MUCH bigger than the anti-red of 2018) by obamanation mostly, but also by the cowardice and corruption of peolsi and harriet reid. That democrap congress didn't FAIL, it REFUSED TO ACT! Instead of SP, we got the corporate welfare bill called obamneycare. We got many thousands of dead innocents by drone, creating more impetus for ISIS. We got record numbers of immigrants kicked out. We got nothing to help homeowners. We got nothing to create jobs. We got no bankers jailed for $21 trillion in fraud. We got no torturers jailed even though obamanation admitted "we tortured some folks".

We got nothing. The Nazis got resurrected. The Nazis now have almost absolute power. They were dead only 11 years ago. And now they own the shit out of this shithole. Thanks to democraps. and voters, of course.

Just WHAT, dear moron lefties, makes you think this time that anything would be different, should the democraps decide to do their fucking jobs for a change or take the white house again?

the speculation about the Nazi party falling apart from within is pure horse shit.
the Nazi base is now pure. all moderates are already culled. nobody will leave the base no matter how bad trump is. they would rather die a Nazi than live as a moderate or, shudder in horrors, a democrap.

heed these sheepdogs at your extreme peril.

At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

". . . Lockhart, like other centrist Democrats, would welcome Republicans leaving the GOP into the Democratic Party to the point of allowing them to take over and helping the corporatists shut down actual progressives."

With a conclusion like this, why bother going through all of the opportunities a real Democratic Party might have? Bill clinton dragged the Party hard to the right, Obama did all he could to restore the GOP after his 2008 win, and the majority of the current Party leaders might as well caucus with Mitch McTurtle.

Trump judicial appointments will taint the pool for decades no matter what the dems do.

Then there are the many initiatives across the nation to subvert future elections by various means, and the expansion of rigged voting machine usage.

If the dems were serious about real change (stop laughing and work with me for a moment), all of these things would be made 2020 campaign issues. I listen for such topics to emerge, not that I expect the corporate media will give them any coverage.

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I envision an impeachment vote where all the Dem's vote "Present" so as not to mess with with their 2020 election chances. The Repub's will all vote no because that's what they're paid to do and they don't fret about elections unless it's 2 months before the vote.

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there will be NO impeachment. Pelosi and hoyer could both die, and Clyburn would still refuse to impeach.

they're going to repeat their 2008 gamble and hope that a few Nazi voters stay home and the same 2016 lefty numbers show up out of terror of a second trump admin. It may work. It may not.

If any Nazis are ignoring trump, they'll still show up and vote for him. That's what they do. They vote AGAINST the democrap.

Most of the democraps (65M in '16) vote AGAINST the Nazi. If their nom and the house malfeasance this cycle is just enough to get the democraps another half mil, strategically located in 3 states, biden can win. But I doubt it.

In fact, if CA and NY juice lefty turnout, trump could still win 360 electors and lose the popular vote by 8 - 10 million.

that's about the best case scenario.

Bernie might beat trump, but the money that owns the entire democrap party won't allow THAT!


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