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Helen's back! She's been missing in action for a while although you may remember some of her earlier pieces. I've been urging her to get involved in the key House race in her own district. Ken and I live in districts so solidly blue that Repugs don't even bother and Mags lives in a district so steeped in all horrors of the red menace that it's pretty hopeless. Helen, on the other hand, lives in a very competitive district with an endangered rubber stamp wingnut, Sue Kelly. Something seems to have finally gotten Helen to start getting out into the trenches again and a couple nights ago she went to hear John Hall speak at the local library. It got me crazy when Lieberhound used Hall's classic "Still the One" is his campaign (without Hall's permission, as you would expect from creeps like Lieberman and Gerstein who have no respect whatsoever for music-- or, for that matter, for anyone outside of their tight little circle). Helen says John Hall is very much still the one and here's her thumbs up:

On Wednesday night, I went to hear John Hall speak. He's our Blue America candidate running for Congress in New York's 19th District. The district spreads through several counties just north of New York City. Sue Kelly, the right wing Republican we have been stuck with for far too long, is the candidate to beat. Sue has supported Bush every step of the way: the military action in Iraq, disastrous Medicare drug plan, reductions in college loans, the new bankruptcy law, tabling investigation of Jack Abramoff's activities in Congress, etc., ad nauseum.

The list of PAC money contributors to her campaign is as appalling as it is long. In her role as Vice Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, she has supported the interests of the banking, insurance and finance industries to the detriment of the people she represents.

John Hall is her diametric opposite. He has been opposed to the war in Iraq from the start and he supports Murtha's plan of withdrawal within three to six months. He is an advocate for universal health care, reproductive rights for women and holding the Bush administration accountable. He is a life long Democrat and environmentalist, participating in the No Nukes Concert way back when. Most of all, he wants his children and grandchildren to inherit a better country and a better world. With his prominence as a singer-song writer, he is able to command more media attention than the average candidate is able to, which is critical to this fight against Sue Kelly. John is a wonderful speaker, with a charismatic manner and presence. His integrity shines through. And he answers questions clearly!

I am happy to say that he just got the endorsement of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), of which I am a proud member. This should pay off well, as we are a strong union with many members and a good deal of community influence. First, John has to win the Democratic primary on September 12. There are a few other Democrats running but they seem lightweight in comparison to John. Then, it's on to the fight against Sue Kelly in the November election. My fingers are crossed!

If you live in the 19th, please consider volunteering for John Hall's campaign, but no matter where you live, our Blue America page is open 24/7.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Lizzy said...

Hi Helen,

I am so glad that you are back and blogging about John Hall.

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At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Porgie Tirebiter said...

Any one who A) supports John Hall, or B) has anything BAD to say about Sue Kelly is a friend of mine. Going to put a link up in my political commentary blog to this site.

Porgie Tirebiter

Keep track of all things John Hall here.

Make a DONATION to John Hall here.

My own RANCID thoughts on Tom De Lay Republican Harlot Sue Kelly can be found here.

PS...I also encourage everyone to support Ned Lamont in Connecticut.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger Keener said...

Nice to get a window into this race. We're kicking out the red out of western NH here, if you guys are sucessfully we should have a swath of blue straight through VT to NY...

This is really the same John Hall that penned "Still the One"?

Or am I reading that wrong?

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any reason why you believe Hall is the best candidate in the 19th? I've only seen lawn signs from, seen volunteers going door-to-door for Ben Shuldiner and I've recieved calls from Shuldiner and Darren Rigger. Yet everyone seems to think Hall and Aydelot are the front-runners. What good is having extra cash if he doesn't do anything to get name recognition out there? Regardless of who the netroots supports, I doubt Kelly will be outspent and has already begun to advertise on TV. What we need instead is a candidate with a large amount of grass-roots support to mobilize against this rubber-stamp Republican.


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