Monday, August 18, 2008

Why is Clintonite Lanny Davis sticking up for Ted Stevens? Inside the Beltway, that's what members of the permanent government do


"What, exactly, is it that Mr. Lanny Davis of the law firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe sees as such a threat from the election of Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich to Ted Stevens' seat in the U.S. Senate? Why are Evan Bayh and Lindsey Graham so eager to promote Lanny Davis' books? Wonkette thinks Lanny Davis is off his meds, but I think Wonkette fails to understand the nature of the bipartisan permanent government that seeks to maintain control of both parties, no matter who wins individual elections. They are the people that agreed to embark of George and Dick's Excellent Adventure in Mesopotamia and that, ever since, have sought to cover-up for that mistake and protect their interests."
--BooMan, at Booman Tribune

by Ken

Many of us who cringed at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency have noted that the single most alarming factor was that stupefying coterie of masterminds and high-level flunkies she surrounded herself with, whom I've described frequently as some of the vilest people on the planet. These are people you shudder to be in the same solar system with.

In the high-level flunky category, nobody is flunkier than (shudder) Lanny Davis, who not surprisingly is also proud to be a card-carrying certified public stooge of the unspeakable Holy Joe Lieberman. Our Lanny, you''ll recall, is now on Rupert Murdoch's payroll at Fox News, where along with fellow ex-Clintonite slimebag Howard Wolfson he presumably provides "liberal" commentary. I don't know about you, but my flesh crawls just thinking about these people.

Most recently, our Lanny has been heard from rising to the defense of the Senate's senior Republicrook, our pal Ted Stevens of Alaska, taking to the pages of the Moonie Times bearing breathless news of this here thing called "the presumption of innocence." He apparently thinks he is the only person who has heard about it. He even provides us with a history lesson, on the origin of this here presumption of innocence, whatever the heck it is (poor fellow must have spent a few taxing minutes on Wikipedia rounding that information up) before providing actual instances of people who were accused of things they turned out not to be guilty of.

Naturally this has provoked some curiosity as to the nature of our Lanny's interest in Senator Stevens' case.

It sure got our colleague BooMan going! And if you have any curiosity about how and why drones like our Lanny -- Lannies of both parties -- clump together for mutual advancement and also mutual protetction, thereby forming the rotten core of our bipartisan permanent government, you really owe it to yourself to follow along as BooMan tracks Lanny through the slimeways of Beltway Insiderdom, with passing views of celebrities like George W. Bush, Scooter Libby, Lindsey Graham, the Patton Boggs lobby shop, Holy Joe, and Evan Bayh -- prompting the comment, "Do you begin to see why progressives threw a fit when we saw Evan Bayh's name on the short-list for Barack Obama's running mate?"

I don't know that the people Barack Obama summons to government service (assuming he gets to do the summoning) are going to be that much better, but at least they won't all be these same people. Of course they'll all still be around. Roaches and rats you've got a shot at exterminating. These folks aren't going anywhere.

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