Saturday, August 16, 2008

You know what we haven't heard about lately? That letter Ron Suskind says the Bush regime had the CIA forge. Would you like to see the letter?

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by Ken

Say, you know what we don't hear so much about anymore? That book of Ron Suskind's in which he dropped the bombshell that the Bush regime actually commissioned a forged letter linking Mohammed Atta to Saddam Hussein. You figure in any other administration, by the next day everyone involved would have delivered their letters of resignation and gone home to pack for prison.

The Bush regime, of course, lives by the Karl Rove maxim:

"When in trouble, change the subject."

And now Chimpy the Prez and Young Johnny McCranky seem to have formed a Mutual Subject-Changing Society. Since Chimpy stands at the end of a seven-and-a-half year record of unbroken catastrophe, with no issues of legitimate national concern which he can address without self-incrimination, and Young Johnny has no real-world issues based on actual belief which he dares to speak publicly about, they sort of change the subject for each other. Man, this Georgia thing couldn't have worked better if they'd planned it. (That's silly, of course. Who do they know in the region who might be willing to stir up trouble to help them?)

I'm just saying, isn't it strange how the book seems to have disappeared from the front pages?

Meanwhile, I've been meaning to make sure you saw these remarkable documents recently made public by Lee Camp (of Laughing Liberally) on OpenLeft.

There is, first, the forged letter itself:

[click to enlarge]

And then there is, of perhaps even greater historical importance, the letter with which President Bush set the CIA forgery in motion:

[click to enlarge]

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