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Most people in DC expected the first woman to be indicted with the Republican crooks being rounded by law authorities now to be Ohio's ethically-challenged DeLay-clone congressloon, Debrorah Pryce (who was always on the receiving end of stolen lucre being doled out by DeLay and by her in-state ally, Thomas Noe, the GOP financier and looter of the state's Workmen's Compensation Fund). And, no doubt, the law will catch up with the very corrupt Ms. Pryce sooner or later. But Senator Liddy Dole now looks to be beating her out in the criminal prosecution department.

The Associated Press is reporting that Federal Auditors have demanded that Dole fork over more than $80,000 in illegal corporate funds her campaign raked in. The North Carolina senator, who is also head of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, where she's doing a bang-up job botched-up job, trying to find credible candidates to contest 2006 elections.

Interestingly, Dole is trying to divert the blame onto another Republicrook, Earl Allen Haywood, one of Dole's campaign managers, who has already been found guilty of mail fraud in connection to stealing over $174,000 from Dole's 2002 election committee. He is certainly another GOP felon but how did his theft have anything to do with Dole being bribed by corporations (31 times)? The Federal Election Commission auditors say Dole bears the responsibility, not Haywood, who only stole but didn't accept corporate bribes.

Dole claims she never got to spend the illegal corporate bribes because Haywood stole the money before she could. Funny, looking at her voting record would make you think she had been getting bribes from every major corporation in America-- and more than a few with PO boxes on small islands off the shores of America!

Of course, Liddy Dole playing fast and loose with campaign finance laws is just one piece of the Republican's unbelievably blatant and arrogant CULTURE OF CORRUPTION. As light is shined into the dark crevasses of Republican Party malfeasance, the interwoven and intricate webs of criminality are shocking and bone-chillingregardless of political persuasion.

Another Republicrook woman looking at possible serious legal problems is ethically-challenged lobbyist-turned-Interior-Secretary, Gale Norton, who was in cahoots with indicted GOP crime boss Tom DeLay and his indicted consigliere Jack Abramoff from the very first day Bush installed her in a job that has proven very lucrative to... Abramoff, DeLay, Ralph Reed, Senator Conrad Burns (MT), Congressman Bob Ney (OH) and dozens of Republicrooks across the country.

It has now come out that DeLay was the conduit for his consigliere to get access to Norton in the boldfaced scheme to defraud millions of dollars from American Indians and divert the money into their own pockets and into the campaign coffers of the GOP. DeLay was, at the very minimum, a conduit for bribery. According to an article in today's SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER "Federal and congressional investigators obtained the DeLay staff e-mails from Abramoff's former lobbying firm as they try to determine whether officials in Congress or the Bush administration provided government assistance in exchange for the vast amounts of money Abramoff's clients donated to Republican causes." These e-mails were kept from John McCain's Senate Indian Affairs Committee which held hearings yesterday on the DeLay/Abramoff conspiracy to steal tens of millions of dollars from American Indians in order to enrich themselves and their allies and funnel money into Republican operations (like stealing elections, although, McCain ain't touching that part with a 10 foot pole).

Although DeLay's shyster lawyer, one Richard Cullen, told the P.I., preposterously, that "Tom DeLay conducts himself consistent with the highest standards of conduct and he mandated the same for his staff," DeLay pointed out a crooked GOP fundraiser inside Norton' staff, Italia Federici (an associate of Grover Norquist), as the way to get what they wanted. And they got plenty! The question now, is about when will Justice be served.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

If Karl Rove taught his Republican "masters" anything, it's the paramount importance of Setting the Agenda, and with those people having become so bloated and beyond-all-shame arrogant, setting the agenda these days more often than not means Changing the Subject. I suspect it's not really as easy as Rove and his minions and emulators make it look--they're all benefiting from the long-since-accomplished surgical castration of the mainstream media.

CNN's complicity is indeed mind-boggling to anyone with a sense of (even fairly recent) history. You have to credit Ted Turner with being a genuine visionary to have imagined that such a thing could be viable, and the poor guy doesn't entirely succeed at concealing his horror at what CNN has been turned into in the years since he literally sold out.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger JoshSN said...

Nice catch. Dole was such a joke candidate. Just a "Gosh, we should have a 1st Lady (or something quite like it) in the Senate, too, so we don't seem as bad as we are."


Liddy Dole missing in Aruba?


CNN is center-right. Why pretend otherwise. The "establishment press" must please the ruling powers in order to keep getting leaks, special treatment, and choice interviews.


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