Sunday, August 12, 2018

DCCC Still Refusing To Back Progressive Primary Winners


Last Tuesday one of the most promising candidates running for governor, Abdul El-Sayed of Michigan, lost his race. I tweeted that he ran a great campaign but that it was now time to get behind Gretchen Whitmer and help her defeat Trump's hand-picked extremist candidate Bill Schuette. One of the first people to "like" my tweet was Abdul. Whitmer might not be my kind of candidate-- nor his-- but she's the legitimately nominated Democrat-- and the only way to stop Schuette.

After the congressional races on the same day, the DCCC added some of the winners to their Red-to-Blue page... but not the progressives who won. This is outrageous. On Tuesday, James Thompson won an astounding 65.3% in his Wichita-based district, a nearly two-to-one victory. He congratulated his opponent on a well-run campaign and she did likewise and now Democrats in the 4th district are united and working towards defeating Ron Estes. Although not with the DCCC, who is, once again, refusing to recognize Thompson as a candidate.

Likewise in southwest Michigan, the progressive in the race, Matt Longjohn, came in a strong first in a 4-way race. He beat the establishment fave, wealthy lobbyist George Franklin, 37% to 29% with the other progressive in the race, Dave Benac, taking 21%. Democrats in MI-06 are unified now in their determination to defeat Fred Upton-- but not the DCCC. Longjohn was recognized by President Obama as one of America's best physicians and called him one of the "top healthcare innovators in America." Not good enough for the DCCC, which is still pouting that a wealthy conservative lobbyist like Franklin didn't win.

This isn't new to the DCCC. Rahm Emanuel inserted it into their DNA when he was chairman and he was infamous for undercutting progressives who won primaries and refusing to back them in the general election. Many of them would go on to win without his help, making them independent of the corrupt Democratic establishment, a boon to them and to their constituents and to all of America.

As you probably know, Blue America has a page for progressive primary winners who the DCCC refuses to back. I just want to point out that one of the candidates on it is J.D. Scholten, who is going up against America's most vile bigot, Steve King in Iowa's 4th congressional district. He was in a tough 3-way primary over two months ago. He won over 50% of the vote. But the DCCC has still refused to get behind his campaign.

Goal ThermometerOne pundit in Iowa told me there was more to it than just how much the DCCC hates progressives. "They make money off King," she told me on Thursday. "Every time he says something racist or insane, they send out a fundraising letter. They'd rather see him stay in Congress as a cash-cow for themselves than see someone actually defeat him." She told me that staffers at the DCCC were actually disappointed that small donors were contributing to J.D. so heavily and that as of the June 30 reporting deadline he had outraised King significantly-- $755,973 to $505,775. Let's help keep that ball rolling for J.D. and the other progressive candidates the DCCC is still ignoring. Please click on the Blue America 2018 congressional thermometer on the right and contribute what you can to all the candidates. These men and women are working so hard every day and finding no support from their own party officials, though plenty from their own party grassroots. Every Democrat we help elect without help from the DCCC and the corrupt DC establishment is another independent who owes them nothing at all. These are all men and women who will be listening to their own constituents when subjects like Medicare-For-All and Job Guarantee come up-- not to status quo "leaders" like Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Joe Crowley.

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At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "democratic" Party is very happy and well-compensated being #2. Not challenging the corporatist agenda -if not actively aiding and abetting it- is easier than working, and none of the blame attaches! What could be better for lazy politicians who are only interested in their personal well-being?

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this is just below the post with the stunning conclusion that we must elect the 'craps again.

How can you write this and conclude that? It's like you flew to the moon and came back insisting the earth is flat.

jeezis fracking kreist on melba toast! Whatsit gonna take?

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DCCC refusal to back progressives is in my mind as much an existential threat as Trump in office. The continuance of neo liberal governance will in invariably lead to fascism.
We might as well start a third party rather than continue along this path.


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