Friday, August 10, 2018

15 Lies In 14 Minutes


I feel pretty, Oh so pretty

Daniel Dale, the Washington Bureau Chief for Toronto Star, fact checks Trumpanzee for Canada. Here are a few examples:
Trump made 54 false claims last week. His last six weeks are all among his 10 most dishonest as president

Trump tells wild lies about Brexit, NATO and Obama, in 57-false-claim week

Trump has said 1,340,330 words as president. They’re getting more dishonest, a Star study shows

Trump made 30 false claims at his wild Montana rally

Donald Trump makes 100 false claims for second consecutive week

Donald Trump made 103 false claims last week, shattering his dishonesty record

Donald Trump said 71 false things in 14 days. His dishonesty is increasing
Those are just a random few; there are dozens more. And a day or so ago I found a really hillarious one on Twitter from Dale: "15 lies in 14 minutes." The context was Trump's dinner for CEOs at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. This is the guest list the White House released:
Michael Manley- Fiat Chrysler
Harold Hamm- Continental Resources
Alex Gorsky- Johnson & Johnson
Indra Nooyi- PepsiCo
John Catsimatidis- Red Apple Group
Frederick Smith- FedEx
Mark Sutton- International Paper
Ajaypal Banga- Mastercard
Dennis Muilenburg- Boeing
Mark Weinberger- EY
Darius Adamczyk- Honeywell
Jim Koch- Boston Beer
Richard LeFrak- LeFrak, who's on Trump's payroll and shilled for him during the Q & A after the speech.

The chief executives are not Trump supporters and he wants to change that and get them to contribute to the GOP during the midterms and for his 2020 reelection campaign. I wonder how many converts there were. Here are the 15 lies, although I would call some inaccuracies because I think of Trump lies as actual attempts to deceive, of which there are plenty without mere inaccuracies:

Click the image to blow it up

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At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those CEOs will eagerly bend the knee if the democrap party doesn't lay down and spread 'em and promise to marginalize socialists like AOC.

Count on Pelosi and scummer to do the corrupt thing.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

The truth of today is whichever lie the individual chooses to believe.


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