Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

There actually is a good side to Señor Trumpanzee choosing Rudy Giuliani as his current lawyer and spokescretin. One reason that I say that is the obvious one that Rudy is so gobsmacking bad at speaking in defense of his client. In fact, he's been so bad at it that you could be forgiven if you thought, for a second or two, that Rudy was still a prosecuting attorney dead set on nailing Trumpanzee to the wall by incriminating Trumpanzee even more than he's already incriminated himself, starting, as he did, with his infamous statement to Lester Holt as to why he fired James Comey. The other reason I have for saying what I said is that America and the world are finally getting it that Rudy Giuliani is a fraud and will always be remembered as a fraud. No longer will he be remembered, at least to the sane among us, as "America's Mayor." That was always a bogus PR con anyway. Hell, if Rudy keeps going on the path he's been on as an eternal guest on FOX "News," he might even be remembered as "Moscow's Mayor" instead; better yet "Siberia's Mayor," since that is where Rudy belongs.

Rudy wouldn't last 5 hours in Siberia, of course. He'd start yapping and he'd start trying to dominate his fellow inmates and he'd quickly end up with the grand pickaxe of justice imbedded in his skull.

So, how did Rudy get to this current position? Sure, as tonight's meme suggests, if President Obama told Señor Trumpanzee not to hire Rudy, Trump would have hired Rudy right then and there. Whatever the black dude is for, Trump will always be against. That's a racism and insecurity thing that shrinks will be analyzing for eons to come (if there are eons to come). However, none of that was necessary. Rudy makes perfect sense for Trumpanzee. Far from being "tremendous" or one of "the best people," Rudy is 100% nuts and Trumpanzee loves the crazy even more than he loves "the poorly educated." Trumpanzee just loves to surround himself with like-minded individuals. Think about it: Sean Spicer, Kellyanne what's her name, white supremacy goons like Stephen Miller, Sean Hannity, and Gen. Kelly, and, let's not forget the worst presidential cabinet ever. Betsy deVos anybody? Ben Carson (on or off his meds)? Can anyone reasonably think that Scott Pruitt, who imagines coach class passengers attacking him, or Night Of The Living Dead escapee/Press Secretary Sarah H. Sanders weren't always at the top of Trumpanzee's employment of the crazy list? If you're still not convinced that Rudy was a natural fits right in guy for Trumpanzee's circle of chaos, I have three words for you, Dr. Harold Bornstein. If you don't remember him because you've blocked him from your mind, that's understandable, but just check out the clip below and take a look at that face! Once you've seen that, go back and think of Rudy's beady-eyed stares of confusion flashing across television screens. I apologize to you all because I know these are things that are extremely difficult to unsee.

Rudy was the perfect choice for Trumpanzee. After all, they not only go way back together, Trumpanzee is obviously hell bent on assembling the biggest collection of loons and goons that have ever been assembled under one White House roof. The only real question is what took Trumpanzee so long? The fact that he did take so long is yet another measure of how chaotic and inept Trumpanzee is. If Obama really had told Trumpanzee not to hire Rudy, it would only have been a reaffirmation of what Trumpanzee would have eventually gotten around to doing anyway.

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At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, trump can be humorous. Meanwhile, he's destroying this nation and dragging us into at least two major wars this nation isn't prepared to fight. I am already hearing the ugly word "conscription" showing up in learned conversation as that is the only way Trumps Wars can be fought. Young men (and some young women( are going to discover just how inaccurate gaming really is - especially when there is no redo option.

And no one does anything to stop this.

The military appears eager to get into new wars. They won't. Corporatism has long lusted after total control of the globe. They won't. Investors can make too much money supplying wars. They won't. Congress makes too much money ensuring all of that happens without any threat of interruption from We the People, so they won't.

This was a nice country once. It's a shame someone broke it.

At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had been at the Yankees game to hear in person the crowd booing him for his birthday. Sweet!

At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:31, we the people broke it. we keep breaking it. we elected Nixon and Reagan and everyone since. We fucking RE-elected Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, cheney and obamanation. I can see an oopsie every so often (hoover...) but we USED to learn from and fix our mistakes. Now we always double-down on them... if presidents could run for more than 2 terms, Reagan's wax figure, cheney and obamanation could all have gone 3 or 4 terms easy. Trump could be there for life and may name fredo as his successor. what sane, sentient nation does ANY OF that?

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

imagine if those 2 corporate ass clowns had actually done something about the Russian hacking when they found out about it... I wonder what they find so goddamn funny after they left us in this shit...
oh yeah... they get millions and are adored by 65 million stupid people.

At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...imagine if those 2 corporate ass clowns had actually done something..."

They did! They sat on their hands, did nothing, and said nothing, because that is what a moderate 1985 Reagan Republican would do.


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