Sunday, May 27, 2018

When Will It Be Time To Bring Out The Guillotines Again?


You can't imagine what a humongous fan I am of the French Revolution. I also love New Order songs... especially "Age of Consent," so this video above-- Oh God! No guillotines but, by the end, you get the point where all that excess it shows was leading. The French came to refer to Marie Antoinette as Madame Déficit and saw her as profligate self-serving, promiscuous (with Count Axel von Fersen, who looks very hot in the clip above) and reactionary. She was executed on the Place de la Révolution, now called the Place de la Concorde-- by everyone but me-- on October 16 1793.

Yesterday, travel reporter Hugo Martin, writing for the L.A. Times, did a story on excess worthy of the folks who got guillotined: United Airlines offers wealthy fliers at LAX access to a private terminal to avoid the crowds. (And it's not just United, needless to say.)
At Los Angeles International Airport, the nation's biggest airlines have added several new ways for Hollywood's A-list celebrities and well-heeled tycoons to catch a flight while avoiding noisy crowds, nosy paparazzi and frustrating lines [and common people].

Both Delta and American Airlines offer VIP services that let big-shot travelers slide into LAX terminals through private entrances at the curb. Inside, they can relax in private, luxury lounges, where they can drink and eat gourmet food without having to rub elbows with the hoi polloi.

United Airlines is also trying to cater to the most affluent passengers by announcing last week a partnership with the Private Suite, the private terminal on the outskirts of the airport where VIPs can check in for a flight, relax in luxury, clear security and get whisked to the plane in a shiny new BMW sedan without having to set foot in an LAX terminal.

The suite features individual lounges furnished with couches, a flat-screen TV, a pantry stocked with snacks and a refrigerator filled with soft drinks and booze. Personal assistants are on hand to cater to the fliers' needs.

To get access to the swanky terminal, fliers must pay a $7,500 annual membership plus $2,700 for each domestic flight or $3,000 for each international flight. The cost covers a group of up to four people. The alternative for less-frequent fliers is to pay $3,500 per domestic flight and $4,000 for an international flight without any annual fee.

The deal with United Airlines will allow passengers to gain access to the terminal simply by purchasing a ticket with a premium fee. The airline declined to divulge the fee, saying the cost will vary based on the airfare. The deal is not yet available on the airline's website, and for now can only be booked through "select" travel agents and corporate booking desks that cater to well-to-do clients.

The Private Suite option will be offered only to United's business-class travelers flying between LAX and New York; Newark, N.J.; Aspen, Colo.; Hawaii; London; Los Cabos, Mexico; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Shanghai; Singapore; or Tokyo. The airline does not call its most expensive ticket options "first class."

Gavin de Becker, chief executive of the firm that owns and runs the Private Suite, dismissed suggestions that he teamed up with United Airlines because his business is struggling.

"We are doing amazingly well," he said, noting that the Private Suite has made similar deals with a handful of luxury hotels and charter jet companies. "We are exceeding our initial projections."

And if the 13 private lounges at the Private Suite are not enough to meet the demand, De Becker said he is already prepared to build additional lounges at his current location.

"When we see the writing on the wall that it's necessary, we are doing it," he said.

Perhaps Monsieur de Becker is looking at the wrong writing on the wrong wall, if get my point? Perhaps this would be more appropriate writing on a more appropriate wall. You can only get away with this kind of thing for so long before people have been pushed as far as they can be pushed and it's time for a little payback from the yobs and proles. 1,500 lost, "misplaced" children? Is that possible in 2018?

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At 1:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering how nothing seems to be done by the "authorities" about the excesses of these people which cause deprivations for everyone else, I begin to understand how the French Revolution devolved into The Terror. The People end up taking Justice for their grievances into their own hands because they don't see it coming from anywhere else, and soon the strongest thugs are in charge of it. The strongest thug ends up taking power over the others, and the next dictatorship is off and running. The People end up losing the most of all no matter what they do.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A third of the nation will follow this reich all the way into hell.
A third of the nation will follow the 'lesser evil' all the way into hell.

There won't be any guillotines or even any rebellion. We're not human enough to ever get there.


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