Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ivanka Hits The Campaign Trail In California


No GOP candidates want Cocaine Mitch campaigning in their districts

Mitch McConnell is the least popular politician in America. Only 16% of Americans have a favorable opinion of him, while 47% have an unfavorable option and 37% have either never heard of him or have no opinion. Among public figures McConnell is even less popular than Jared Kushner (18%), the only elected official who is. Kushner's wife, Ivanka Trump, is much more liked-- 38%-- although her unfavorables are 41%. There are no Republican candidates anywhere asking for McConnell to come stump with them in their districts. Many candidates are pledging not to vote for him as GOP Senate leader if they're elected.

As you can see, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats in Congress are well-liked. Voters have a 56% unfavorable opinion of congressional Republicans and a 50% unfavorable opinion of congressional Democrats. So who's going to districts around the country to campaign for party candidates? No one has ever heard of House Republican majority leader Kevin McCarthy so it's safe for him to go campaign for candidates-- but the problem is that no one is interested in coming to see him-- except lobbyists. So... they're throwing in Ivanka as part of the deal, one in Fresno and one in Los Angeles, both on June 18. Neither is an actual rally with real voters, just fundraisering events for fat cats. The money goes to McCarthy's and Pence's SuperPAC, Protect the House.

Most of Fresno is in CA-16, a safely Democratic district held by Blue Dog Jim Costa. But northern and eastern neighborhoods of the city are in Devin Nunes' district (CA-22) and Fresno's southern suburbs are part of CA-21, David Valadao's district. Fresno County is no longer Republican-friendly. Hillary beat Trump there in 2016 and you can assume there will be lively protests when McCarthy and Ivanka show up, especially if Nunes is in tow. The locations of the events in both cities are closely guarded so far but are sure to leak out.

Valadao's seat is considered very vulnerable (PVI is D+5) and though Nunes' district is redder (PVI- R+8), he is especially hated and could also lose.

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At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suppose they threw a fundraiser and no one showed up since the last Republican left California for Arizona.


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