Monday, April 09, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Well, Gen. McMaster just exited. Who's next? White supremacist John Kelly? EPA head Scott Pruitt? Attorney General Sessions? Mail Order Bride Melania? Place your bets, ladies and gents! Chaos? What chaos? I see a near future when SeƱor Trumpanzee is all alone, huddled in a White House corner, talking manic gibberish to himself, as his friend Putin arrives with Sean Hannity.

The people have spoken.

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At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

And as long as Congress does nothing, the emperor with no clothes will continue to reign and wreak havoc on us all. "All" meaning the USA and the entire world. Watch out, Earth.

Who knew the office of the President has as much power as an emperor? Trump is running virtually everything, all on his own, as he knows best and consults only himself in the mirror. He controls our armed forces, our domestic and foreign policies, our institutions and much of our press. He can wreck everything at his whim, at a snap of his fingers.

This is one sick country we live in. Democracy has become a sham. We now see that it is only a front and can be destroyed rather quickly by one man.

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, ask yourself this:
Hoover was a shit-show admin between '29-'33, though not in the vaudeville sense of this one. But people were dropping dead by the thousands due to the Great Depression; Communism and fascism were being seen as viable alternatives; Europe was in chaos as Britain was already appeasing Hitler...

What would have happened if obamanation had been elected in '32? What if today's democraps had majorities then as they did in 2008?

The only reason we survived to become the shithole we now are is because FDR and the Democratic party then DID SHIT! They didn't pretend to do shit (for people and NOT for corporations). They actually did the New Deal.

And what happened when Democrats did shit then? THEY GOT RE-ELECTED CYCLE AFTER CYCLE. This culminated in '68 with LBJ 'doing' the Great Society.

Then we had the Reagan/bush/Clinton/cheney/bush shit-shows culminating in 2008. At this point we elected another 'Democratic' solution, just as we did in '32.
But THIS time, we got nothing.
The 2008 voter mandate was quite similar to the '32 mandate.
In '32 we got the New Deal.
In 2008 we got austerity and corporate primacy in all things, especially health insurance.
The ONLY reason thousands weren't dropping dead in 2008 was the New Deal and Great Society reforms that Democrats gave us.
And now the democraps are largely standing aside, if not actively helping, as the republicans repudiate all those reforms (that are still there today).

My point, as always, is that the democraps are directly responsible for trump. You need to realize this and react accordingly.

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FDR made a horrible error after the 1934 plot to topple him was exposed by Smedley Butler. He never tried one of the conspirators (sound familiar?) because he felt he might need their support for the pending war effort. When he recruited them in 1940 to actually create the American War Machine, he never put any oversight on them. He gave them open-ended "cost-plus" contracts to retain their loyalty, a price which cost the American taxpayers dealy to this very day.

This is the true FDR legacy. He saved the nation and possibly the world, and then gave it all to the worst possible custodians so they could undo everything he did.


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