Sunday, April 08, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

So Roseanne Barr's re-boot of her old show is "getting great ratings." Trumpies are flocking to the show in droves. Roseanne herself says she likes Trumpanzee because of his promises of jobs and "making America great again." She, like all of his followers, each for their own dubious reasons, bought the con of America's best and most tremendous con man. When the TV ratings eventually wane, Republicans everywhere will moan that a conspiracy of "liberal Hollywood" types did her in. Trump himself will snarl that ratings went down because "she's not a ten."

Meanwhile, those Trumpies who have jobs, for now, will lose them as the result of the tariff war their false idol has started. Industries in the Trump heartland of the South and the Midwest will be hurt the most. The irony of getting what they really voted for will be lost on Trump voters and they will have dragged the U.S. economy and all of us down with them. MAGA? Hell, all indications are that Trump voters will still operate under the delusion that their president is working on behalf of America and not Putin and a cabal of Russian oligarchs. Their jobs and the futures of their children will be gone, but, hey, they'll still have their misogyny, racism and religion of conspiracy to fall back on. Too bad none of that pays the rent.

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