Saturday, April 28, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Well, guess what, Trump actually does know something: Mobsters take the fifth, as they are entitled to do under our judicial system. But, SeƱor Trumpanzee ought to know quite about about mobsters and their ways. He's associated with them for decades. 'Associated' may even be too mild of a word. Should we be surprised that Donald Trump tries to run the government like a don of another kind? Hell, we might as well refer to Mar-A-Lago as his 'Social Club." It's where he has the "biggest earners" come kiss his ring and give him his cut.

The New York real estate world was infiltrated by the mafia long, long ago. We all know who you're dealing with when you want to put up a tower in New York; carters, contractors, and no-show jobs. It's quite a sleazy swamp. Then there's the matter of renovating Atlantic City and building all of those casinos, never mind that Trump, genius businessman that he is, managed to actually lose money running casinos. And that's just the New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York mobsters. We may be hearing a lot really gory of details about Trump and the Russian mob real soon. Trump knows mobsters!

Every president knows mobsters, though. But, some more than others. You just don't get far in government without dealing with mobsters, traditional mobsters and otherwise. Washington even has a street dedicated to bagmen. It's called K Street. The problem comes when you embrace them and accept their money and favors. Then, you owe them. And they own you. In that sense, Trump and his massive corruption was an inevitable result of the way Washington has done things for so long. We now have a president who represents the nexus of both scummy worlds better than anyone who has gone before.

So yeah, Michael Cohen, the guy who talks tough and threatens people like any mafia wiseguy from central casting is taking the fifth. Cohen has served as Trump's fixer/lawyer. Think consigliere as in The Godfather. Reportedly, people in the Trump Organization (i.e. Trump Crime Family) even refer to Cohen as Tom, after Michael Corleone's fixer Tom Hagen. Cohen has always talked uber-tough and threatening in the service of the Donald, threatening to destroy people who might be a threat to his boss. There's the irony again. The tough talker suddenly goes silent. "I got nothin' to say."

The quote in tonight's meme has been getting a lot of justifiable attention the past few days. It's from September 2016. It's just one of many. Funny how Trumpanzee suddenly sees a difference between himself, his "organization," and the mob. He's never acted that way before.

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At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

I can't wait to hear about some of the info on Cohen's 16 phones - including blackberries, and thus a treasure trove of details from well over a decade. Cohen saved all of his old phones, with all of their delicious info - texts and perhaps even actual recordings of the many conversations he had as Tom the fixer. His threats, bullying and other shenanigans were all done in service of his boss, recorded for all time. It's just like another Watergate with the tapes! Oooooh. This will be rich!!!!

Cohen is now even more likely to flip on Trump, given Trump's recent rant on Fox and Friends, when he attempted to distance himself from Cohen. Hey Michael, loyalty is a one way street for Trump, and not in your direction! You should screw him big time, since he is screwing you big time. Pay back time!

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason cohen would have for keeping around all those record(ing)s is he thought he might need them some day.

Give the douchebag immunity in exchange for all you need to indict trump for money laundering, underage rape, fraud... whatever. It's a fair trade, Mueller. Do it!


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