Friday, April 27, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Republicans love to bitch and moan about the Hollywood community. They would have you believe the canard that everyone involved in the film industry is well left of center. It gives the Repugs something to shake a stick at and wail that they are not being treated fairly.

The truth is, however, that Hollywood is full of creepy money cretins just like Steve Mnuchin. Mnuchin has long been one of the bankers of Hollywood, credited as being an executive producer for a lengthy list of Hollywood products. You can look up his filmography on IMDb. Just a short list includes Mad Max: Fury Road, Wonder Woman, The LEGO Batman Movie,  How To Be Single, the dreadful Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and the perfectly named Pan. He's put money behind both winners and losers, although, artistically, it would be hard to find many winners on his list of credits. To be fair though, and I'm always fair; one movie he backed was Sully. I did like Sully very much. Then again, it was a true story and Tom Hanks was the lead, so it would have been hard to mess it up; not impossible, but hard. Fortunately, they stuck to reality and there were no exploding cockpit controls, no giant Hudson River anaconda who ate the passengers, and the plane didn't clip the Statue of Liberty on its way to a safe landing in the water.

Given the quality of the movies Mnuchin has associated himself with, though, it's not surprising that he threw his lot in with the Trump administration; plenty of hideous real monsters there, from the lead actor on down, or is it up? After all, the Trump administration is one really bad movie. You would be hard pressed to make this script up and get it produced by Hollywood. No one would believe characters like Stephen Miller, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Pence, and all the rest could possibly exist. I mean, come on, Kellyanne Conway and Obama spying on her from her magic microwave oven? This is Ed Wood Plan 9 From Outer Space stuff.

Anyway, tonight's meme is presented for your amusement in order to call attention to the rancid hypocrisy of Steve Mnuchin. I chose it now because this weekend is the weekend of the NFL draft. When it comes to being a total douchebag, Mnuchin has an inside track for a Oscar.

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At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you mention mnuchin's foreclosure fraud (the 54 cases represent maybe .1% of his total fraudulent foreclosures) without mentioning that kamala harris was the CA AG who refused to prosecute the pos while taking money from him for her senate run?

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sully was hardly a movie where "...they stuck to reality...". The entire conflict with the regulatory government agencies over their handling of the bird strike aftermath was a creation of director Clint Eastwood to make the movie more dramatic.

"Christine Negroni wrote in The New York Times that "the film's version of the inquiry veers from the official record in both tone and substance", depicting the investigators as "departing from standard protocol in airline accident inquiries" and "prosecutorial and closed-minded"."

Negroni, Christine (2016-09-09). "'Sully' Is Latest Historical Film to Prompt Off-Screen Drama". The New York Times. Retrieved 2016-09-09.

"NTSB lead investigator John Balzano disputed the depiction, saying that investigators "weren't out to embarrass anybody at all", and a former NTSB investigator expressed concern that moviegoers would take it as evidence of "government incompetence"."

Lowy, Joan (2016-09-08). "Real-life investigators object to portrayal in 'Sully' movie". Associated Press. Retrieved 2016-09-09.

"After the film was released [Investigator-in-Charge Robert] Benzon said: "I do not know why the writer and director chose to twist the role of the NTSB into such an inaccurate depiction. Their treatment of the NTSB went very far beyond cinematic license into simple mean-spirited dishonesty. The movie may actually be detrimental to aviation safety. Pilots involved in accidents will now expect harsh, unfair treatment by investigators."

Irving, Clive (2016-09-18). "The Unsung Hero Left Out of 'Sully'". The Daily Beast. Retrieved 2017-01-05.

I found these sources with just a couple of clicks, and I don't claim to be an expert at such research. I'm sure that the author will learn from this upstaging and do a better job preparing the details of future articles.


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