Saturday, April 21, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

The mass walkouts of American students protesting gun violence, particularly in their schools, came and went on Friday. As expected, Congress has done nothing to address the problem, well, nothing but stick more bribes from the NRA cash into their pockets. Their silence is for sale and blood remains on their hands. At least Lady MacBeth was capable of feeling guilt for a murder. I haven't heard of any politicians walking around saying "Out, out damn spot!" That will never happen; not in real life. So, we are left with the simple fact that a person as heinous as Lady MacBeth has more character than just about any congresscretin you care to name, especially those of the Republican persuasion. They still, evilly not just cynically offer "thoughts and prayers," and, as tonight's meme says, tell us that now is not the time.

We all know damn well that if the child of any Republican congresscretin was killed in their classroom by some nut with an AR-15 assault weapon, that congresscretin might, repeat might, have a thought about saying something and actually doing something productive, but only right up until the point some lowlife like Dana Loesch, Wayne LaPierre or some 2-bit lawyer/lobbyist waved a few fresh green bills in their face. How do we know this? Am I being too harsh? Well, no, I'm not being too harsh. We know this because, even when one of their congresscretin brethren was shot and only just barely not killed by a nut with a gun at a congressional softball game, they did nada. It wasn't just any congresscretin either. It was Rep. Steve Scalise who recently came back to the news as a possible Speaker Of The House replacement for Paul Ryan, himself one of the biggest promoters of human misery the country has ever seen.

So, no, I'm not being too harsh. And, just to prove that, I'll be extra fair about the whole thing. You see, the truth is that Congress did do something about guns. What, you may ask? Well, they attached a flimsy little scrap of paper to the most recent spending bill back at the end of March. That little scrap ostensibly provides a teeny, tiny bit of very modest support for some regulations. The catch, of course, is that the regulations in question already existed and the paper scrap provides only for a tiny bit of enforcement of said regulations. Big fucking deal. That flimsy little scrap of paper is nothing but a metaphor for a piece of toilet paper stuck to the heel of a member of congress as they walk out of the congressional bathroom to the floor of Congress to give their next meaningless speech. To them, it means even less.

Last I heard, paper does not stop a hail of lead bullets. Background checks might not stop every mass shooting but they'd be more effective than a piece of paper attached to a spending bill. Same with limiting the amount of bullets in the magazine clips. So would reinstating the ban on assault weapons that we had until George W. Bush and his congressional goon squad got rid of it. Too late for that last idea, though, because since the demise of the assault weapons ban, AR-15s and the like have been selling almost as fast as they are being made and shipped.

None of this is new, of course; not the violence and not the ideas of what to do about it. And, definitely not the bribe induced inaction. The only thing that's new now is that Republican politicians and media goons like the ones on FOX "News" and Alex Jones' Info Wars have dug their heels in even deeper and continued in the wrong direction. They attack those kids who protest the situation from every angle, nd they do so with the great vileness that comes so easily for them. With every new mass shooting, they come up with new pain and misery-inflicting conspiracy theories about the shootings being hoaxes. Even the White House has joined in, and the victims not being victims at all but "crisis actors." That takes a special kind of mind: the mind of a Republican


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At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wayne LaPierre isn't a millionaire by being ineffective in preventing the clock from ever advancing to the proper time to discuss our insane national obsession with killing other humans. And expect him to be willing to kill to defend that "income".


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