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I Don't Know If Troy King Is Still A Closet Case, But He's Running For Alabama Attorney General Again


Republican Troy King is running for Alabama Attorney General again. Why would any DWT, outside of Alabamians, care? There's an interesting story there-- although none of the media outlets covering his announcement has mentioned it. King was appointed Alabama Attorney General by Bob Riley in 2004 when Bill Pryor resigned to accept a a federal judgeship and was then elected to the post in 2006. In 2008 King's wife caught him in bed with a young man and kicked him out of the house. Two years later Luther Strange primaried him and beat him convincingly, 284,613 (60.13%) to 188,724 (39.87%).
King officially qualified for the race Thursday in Elba. It has been 7 years, since he has served the people of Alabama and now he is ready for a second chance.

“I’m back because I feel the call and I believe that is what public service is-- a call to serve the people of Alabama-to help take our state back,” says King.

But why now? King says there are a number of reasons why he feels led to get back into office.

“I didn’t want to run for office. I have waited and hoped and thought and believed that somebody was going to step up and begin to restore integrity to public service and begin to return government back to the people that it belongs to,” says King.

From 2004 to 2011, King served as the state’s attorney general. Luther Strange defeated him in the 2010 Republican primary.

“I believe I come back into government with a much fuller and complete view of how the things I knew are going to effect the people of Alabama and that is a very important perspective to have. You don’t know the things you don’t know and I know a lot more now than I did seven years ago,” says King.

King says, there has been a cloud of corruption over Alabama.

“I’ve waited seven years hoping, waiting for somebody else to step forward and fix the problems in our state,” says King.

King will face Attorney General Steve Marshall, Alice Martin and Chess Bedsole on the Republican ballot of the race.
King was about as homophobic as any garden variety Alabama Baptist politician-- and that's very homophobic. When he was Attorney General, he wasted a lot of time prosecuting people who sold dildos. But King's obsession with homosexuality can be traced back to his college days when he was writing disturbingly hysterical anti-gay articles for the college paper, the Crimson White. He seemed more than a little obsessed even back then. 
King, a frontrunner for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2010, has called homosexuality "the downfall of society."

He wrote those words in an editorial at his alma mater-- the University of Alabama where he was a law student from 1990-1993 and a frequent contributor to the campus newspaper, the Crimson White.

He also decried the existence of a gay group-- the Gay/Straight Alliance-- on campus.

"The existence of the Gay-Lesbian Alliance on this campus is an affront to the state of Alabama, its citizenry, this university and its students," King wrote.

A photograph of two men kissing that appeared on the front page of the CW in March, 1992, brought this response from King:

"The time has come for the majority to rise from its figurative slumber. The picture on the front page of Monday's issue of The Crimson White looked like the front page of Sodom and Gomorrah News the day before those cities were destroyed. I and a majority of the students were appalled not that these students would pose for this picture, for we have seen that the homosexuals in America will do anything to grab a headline but rather I am furious that this paper would sacrifice its journalistic integrity for a tabloid-esque reporting! It is indeed sad that America has fallen to the point where she will condone any type of deviant, immoral activity in which a group desires to participate. However, perhaps even more compelling evidence of the perversion of America is evidenced not only by the fact that this story was published in the newspaper but rather that it was graphically depicted on the front page."

During his third year of law school (1993), he addressed the subject of AIDS.

"Currently, AIDS is the most behavior-oriented disease known to mankind," King wrote. "If this nation's current purveyors of perversion would refrain from committing sodomy they would unquestioningly be spared the ravages of the disease."
After she caught him in the act, his wife kicked him out of the house and she said she was divorcing him. He was then the focus of a lot of negativity because of his hypocritical, smug nature and because... well, Alabama is like that.
The rumor at the time was that Troy's mystery man was his old college roommate who he gave a position to when he took over the AG office in 2004. Supposedly when Troy was out of town so was lover boy.

The story then became that the mystery man was a young man who had just graduated from Troy University and was the Homecoming King (no pun intended) (God that gets confusing...Troy King with the homecoming king who graduated from Troy) and that was who the wife walked in on. Then a few weeks later Troy and his boy toy from Troy were spotted at the YMCA (not kidding) engaging in....ummmm....inappropriate activities. the YMCA...made famous by the Village People. Apparently Troy has no inkling of what it means to be 'discreet'.
A song was written, based on Roger Miller's classic "King of the Road"-- but a hit in Alabama in 1997 by another closet case, Randy Travis-- and recorded real fast:

McCain, then a presidential candidate, didn't just fire King as chairman of his Alabama Leadership team, he disappeared all mentions of King from his website. King never responded to questions about his sexuality but his political patron, Gov. Riley, turned on him in 2010 and backed Luther Strange. I sure hope the Human Rights Campaign endorses him in his current race.

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At 7:25 PM, Blogger Larry Piltz said...

Wow, Alabama politics has really become of the most debauched political environments in the U.S., and that's a pretty high bar! This King person is really a head case. He seems to be a perfect fit for the type of Republican one-party rule that you mention in a different post. I'm originally from Mississippi and even I can look down on Alabama with pity these days.

At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. 'Worse than Mississippi' is truly damning.

But it's fucking Alabama!! As long as he isn't raping white children, he should be a shoo-in.


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