Saturday, February 10, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

When President Bone Spurs announced that he wants an old Soviet-style military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, my first thought was that the only military parade he should get is the one that we may have to resort to. That would be the sad spectacle of the military having to march into the White House and physically remove Trump and all his vermin. If it was up to me, Trump and his staff would all then get new accommodations at GITMO.

Obviously, he's been reading his Hitler and Stalin books again. He fondly hits the playback button in his mind to film of the massive displays of military might that both fellow crazies held. Mussolini did them, too. So does Kim Jong-un and, more recently, the French had one for Bastille Day (Maybe the Trumps should read up on what happened on the original Bastille Day). Seeing truckloads of big, potent missiles no doubt serves a need in the mind of SeƱor Trumpanzee. Maybe he would have seen enough horror in Vietnam to cure his lust for things that go boom in the night, but, instead he conjured up a case of fake bone spurs and a tiny fistful of deferments and dodged Vietnam. He got a lying note from his doctor, just like he got a note from his doctor that said he was sane and healthy when he decided to run for president.

It's all about his insecurities and his need for expressions of praise and loyalty. He wants to stand there being saluted. I'm sure he'll demand full live TV coverage just like Kim Jong-un enjoys. Any network that balks at that will be called treasonous, as will any politicians that don't attend the festivities. Will he demand that the troops goose step in unison as they parade past his reviewing stand? I'm sure that's how he sees it in his mind's eye. He probably sees a naked Stormy Daniels riding by straddling a rocket with his name on it. Melania will love that one.

Will it be on May 1st, aka May Day. That's when the old Soviet Union had their military parades. He'll want to show his buddy Putin something. In his mind, his parade will be a tremendous parade, the best parade with the best warheads, the best tanks, and the biggest and best military bands. Will he bus in his "very fine people" from Charlottesville so they can march again? Cheerleaders? Do I hear cheerleaders? With Trump-emblazoned sweaters?

If Trumpanzee wants this parade, and he's as damn rich as he says he is, why doesn't he pay for it? He already wants money for "The Wall." Why should we pay for either? Maybe he can split the cost with the Koch brothers. After those heavy tanks chew up Pennsylvania Avenue and all the other costs that will be incurred, the bill to pay for Trump's sick megalomania will be in the tens of millions. Just a small 1991 victory parade after Operation Desert Storm cost us $12,000,000, and that was 27 years ago. Who knows how much the cost of this insanity will set this country back; all to please the insane, out of control ego of a madman.

A final thought: Maybe, Trump should just go visit the Vietnam Memorial and spend some time looking at the names of those who died in his place while he was faking "bone spurs." He could take Dick "I had other priorities" Cheney along for company. Maybe Cheney could accidentally shoot him in the face. Wouldn't that be terrible!

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At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the plan is for the military march to take place on July 4th. Fireworks ARE a representation of a battle under way, after all. So American!

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Midnight Memes just keep getting better and better! I think you have outdone yourself this time. Excellent.


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