Sunday, January 21, 2018

Midnight Meme Of TheDay!


-by Noah

OK, let's talk about Stormy Daniels. For those of you who have been vacationing in Siberia or fishing for the rare Arapaima in the headwaters of the Amazon, Stormy is the porn star who slept with Señor Trumpanzee and got $130,000 for her troubles. Not only that, she slept with this sweaty, orange ball of slimy follicle-challenged ectoplasm for a year, a whole eff-ing year! Really, can you imagine 5 minutes? 2 minutes? 30 seconds? 5 seconds? The later is what it would be anyway, but, no matter what, $130,000 isn't enough. Talk about selling yourself cheap! $130 Billion wouldn't be enough. She's an idiot and so is the assclown who paid her to keep her silence. But, maybe he actually does know something about The Art Of The Deal. Nah, Stormy is the proverbial $10 whore that you can find on any afternoon on any street that runs from the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal to the Lincoln Tunnel. She's enjoying her 15 minuets of fame. It is, however a second 15 minutes. She once explored running for the Senate in Louisiana against none other than Senator David "Diapers" Vitter. Her candidacy never got off the ground.

Stormy did earn her money of course. You'd have to pay me $130,000 just to be in the same room with Trump but it would have to be The Thunderdome, you know, that "2 go in 1 man leaves" place from one of the Road Warrior movies. One night, about 25 years ago, I was almost in the same room as Trumpanzee. I was sent to the wrong room at a famous New York recording studio, opened the door, and there was Trump on the control room couch, sitting there listening to something, a blonde on either side. I guess some actress, model, whatever thought she could sing, or someone told her she could. Anyway, nice guy that I am, I said excuse me, closed the door, and went and found the right room, the room, very ironically, where a fine band named Spread Eagle was recording their second album. To think, I could have changed history simply by going into that first room and jamming a live cable into Señor Trumpanzee's ear. I often think of that night. It haunts me. I think about what a service I could have performed for all humankind and every creature that walks, swims, or flies on this planet. Then, I stop myself when I realize, that all I would have done would have been to pave the way for Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, or some other total jerkoff to take his place.

So what is it that Stormy did for her $130,000? Did she use his tiny dick for dental floss? Did she "Oh baby, baby, you're the best I ever had!" Or, did she just smile and then run to the bathroom to throw up? Well, the details are coming out. Stormy says that one of the services she performed was that the man that is now the President Of The United States had her spank him with a rolled up copy of an issue of Forbes Magazine. I think it was the one from 2006 that had him and a couple of his insipid kids on the cover. Given his love of fake magazines with him on the cover, who knows whether the magazine of choice was all real or not, but just think of having to look at that blotchy orange cellulite farm of an ass as you beat it with a magazine. It makes me wonder what other magazines did Stormy have to bring to her "job." I've composed a list:
1. Any one of a number of fake Time Magazine issues with Trump's face on the cover.
2. That issue of Time from the 1930s that had Hitler on the cover.
3. Guns and Ammo.
4. A male gay porn magazine that caters strictly to overly chubby men?
5. A Miss Universe pageant program?
6. Better yet, a Teen Miss Universe pageant program?
7. A copy of the defunct Trump Magazine?
8. A copy of a New Jersey Generals yearbook, his failed pro football team?
9. Loser?
10. The American Journal of Proctology?
So, was it all "Donnie, you're a bad, bad boy!" Did he make her address him or his penis as "Mr. President?" Were there dirty emails? Let's see the emails! Calling wiki-leaks!

What if this news had come out before the election? Would it have made a difference? I seriously doubt it. His supporters hear stuff like this and say "That Trump, he's the man!" They love pedophiles, too, so if you support pedophile candidates, why wouldn't you support a wacko who pays porn stars to spank him? Meanwhile, they and their whole damn party will talk you to death about "Family Values."

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At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this story could have been left to FAUX, the Enquirer, and Page Six of The Sun.

At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Hey, Anonymous above, this is fair game with this Prez and this slimy stuff should all be thrown in the faces of the hypocritical evangelists, for one. They surely deserve it, with their continued support of the Trump monster. They have given up all pretense of morality.

Remember, Clinton was actually impeached for so much less. Why should the standards be so different for Trump? Wolff suggested to Bill Maher that Trump often has a woman snuck into the White House, but he only alluded to this in the book as he "did not have the blue dress."

Trump deserves to be exposed for his awful longstanding behavior with women. Ewwwwww. He is so gross.

So when the hell are the mainstream media going to cover that underage rape case? Will the woman finally get up the nerve to bring charges against Trump (and Jeffrey Epstein, already a convicted rapist)? In the past, even just prior to the election, she was discouraged big time from doing so - she apparently received death threats. This would be an even bigger deal than Stormy. Supposedly there are a few witnesses, too.

And what about the supposed affair Melania had for years with the head of security at Tiffanys? Surely that deserves some exploration and attention.

Last but not least, the whacking with the Forbes magazine strongly suggests the golden showers anecdote from the Steele dossier is true. Consistency in behavior, yes?

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no trouble finding other sources for this "news", 5:40. I think we can blast Drumpf on this site without resorting to tabloid smut.

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your "Midnight Meme of the Day". They always make me laugh. We sure need some of that these days, so please keep issuing them. The truth is hard for some to handle.

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, I agree with all you say except the thing about Melania. While she is clearly a gold-digging whore, I would leave her affair(s) out of it. She's not president nor any kind of figure in government. She can't hurt me. And who can blame her after all.


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