Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The DCCC Should Make An Effort To Learn How To Flip A Red District Blue By Backing Progressives Instead Of Conservatives-- Even In Georgia


Tuesday was special election day in quite a few districts. Here in L.A., Berniecrat Wendy Carrillo won the Los Angeles assembly district (East L.A., Echo Park, Silver Lake, Highland Park Chinatown, Eagle Rock) that Jimmy Gomez gave up when he was elected to Congress. She beat another good Democratic candidate Luis Lopez 8,81 (52.8%) to 7,868 (47.2%). But the biggest and most newsworthy race was a seat flip in Georgia, a seat-flip that broke the Republicans' supermajority (two-thirds) in the state Senate. After Republican state Senator Hunter Hill resigned to run for governor two Democrats, Jen Jordan and Dr. Jaha Howard led the field and made it into the runoff-- with no Republican. Tuesday Jordan beat him 10,681 votes (64%) to 6,017 (36%) in the wealthy Atlanta area district (the 6th-- Buckhead, Marietta, Smyrna, Vinings and Sandy Springs-- spanning portions of 2 counties, Cobb and Fulton).

The original race included 5 Republicans and 3 Democrats. Jordan ran on a progressive platform of raising the minimum wage, protecting victims of predatory lenders, LGBT equality and health care expansion. She was clearly the progressive in the race, up against a reactionary DCCC-type Democrat, who claimed that the Bible forbids men to educate women and was vehemently against gay equality. He's exactly the kind of crap-Democrat the DCCC is busy recruiting to run for congressional seats-- the kind of crap-Democrat voters across the country are warning the DCCC they will NOT support. The DCCC is, as usual, tone deaf to what's happening in the country and where the energy is. They are completely clueless as they reach out to horrible Blue Dogs in districts just like the 6th-- Blue Dogs like Grtechen Driskell in Michigan, Brad Ashford in Nebraska, Jay Hulings in Texas, Paul Davis in Kansas, Brendan Kelly in Illinois, Roger Huffstetler in Virginia, Anthony Brindisi in New York and Dan McCready in North Carolina, as well as New Dems Elissa Slotkin in Michigan, Dave Min, Hans Keirstead and Harley Rouda in Orange County, CA, Angie Craig in Minnesota and Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey. And despite the DCCC's bullshit, money alone isn't the determining factor; Howard raised $317,897.62 to Jordan's $234,650.

The loss of the GOP supermajority means that if Democrats can win the governorship next year, the GOP-controlled legislature will not have enough votes to automatically override vetoes, the way they are doing to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

2 Democrats-- one with a Republican message and one real Democrat

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At 5:45 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

The more the DCCC reactionary candidates lose the better one race at a time let's hope more will follow Jen Jordan's message.

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DCCC has no interest in progressives. They'd much rather lose than have their caucus too polluted with progressives... at least the money that owns the DCCC feels that way.

If our government was truly progressive, there would be only about 100 districts, most in the south, that could still elect Nazis. Imagine an impenetrable 360-95 majority of progressives in the house! Democraps and their donors will do anything and pay any amount to NEVER see this happen.


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