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Could The DCCC Staff Actually Defeat A Wave That Could Sweep The Democrats Back Into Power? Sure-- They're Good At It


Every cycle the DCCC sends out something like these faux contracts-- "Memorandums of Understanding" they're calling it-- to their favorite candidates in the "hot races." I haven't found a single candidate who likes them. In fact most of the candidates I've spoken to are either railing against it-- or laughing at it. Actually they're all laughing at it-- at least to me. The idea of being trained by the DCCC is a sad joke. Trained? Trained to what? Lose, the only thing the DCCC is good at? That line about 75% of paid communications (ads)... every candidate I spoke with gave the DCCC the proverbial finger. One top campaign manger told me it's a money laundering scheme whereby the DCCC "lines the pockets of it's revolving door permastaff." He added: "Fuck them!"

After the Republican 2010 wave that wrecked the House Democrats, almost 7 years ago to the day, I wrote a post-- with help from several Members of Congress-- about the grotesque corruption of the DCCC and how their staffers get their hands on contributions to enrich themselves. I recommend reading it today.

Several candidates were also laughing about the staffing paragraph. "Who wants their 'professionals?' I'd slit my wrists before letting any of their incompetent idiots into my campaign." Another campaign manager said, "That's how they ruin so many campaigns... their bagmen and consultants. I'd rather hire a kid fresh out of college and teach them myself rather than take someone with an ingrained sense of failure, like the doofuses the DCCC tries shoving up everyone's asses."

Sign on the dotted line-- or else! Or else what?

Few candidates wanted to speak about it for the record and not a single one had anything positive to say about it. But David Gill, the top candidate in IL-13, who didn't get one (except from me) had no problem speaking his mind on the record:

Goal Thermometer"The DCCC has no interest in working with me. They've made that clear over a period of years. I defeated their chosen candidate in the 2012 primary and I then lost the 2012 general by just 0.3%, even while handicapped by the presence of a liberal independent on the ballot. They then decided to run a conservative candidate in 2014, and she lost by more than 50 times my margin of defeat. And even then, after that, they still couldn't bring themselves to get behind me for another campaign. I continue to push my 25-year message of single-payer, and I'm hoping to once again defeat their conservative Democrat in next March's primary. Frankly, I prefer to not work with the DCCC-- it has become crystal clear that winning Congressional seats is not their primary objective." (Consider helping David's campaign by clicking on the thermometer on the right. Aside from being stupendous candidate who would make an amazing member of Congress, he deserves some help for being so fearless and outspoken.)

This was the quintessential response I got from the candidates who e-mailed me back about the Memorandum:

"Haha, I'm still laughing at that 75 percent requirement. Why are they so old school and out of touch? Someone should take the whole lot of them out and shoot them for the sake of the party lol."

Young Turks investigative journalist Michael Tracey first made me aware of the memo and he wrote a post about it yesterday. He actually tried getting a response from DCCC Executive Director Dan Sena and his Communications Director, Meredith Kelly. Mum's the word from that front. I asked some members of Congress who are active in the DCCC and they all told me they had never heard of the memo before I sent it to them. Ah... yes, the same old routine of the corrupted revolving door staffers trying to line their own pockets. That's why the DCCC has been losing since Pelosi gave it to Emanuel. These people care ZERO about helping Democrats win-- and 100% about enriching themselves. Sad.

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At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Someone should take the whole lot of them out and shoot them for the sake of the party lol."

How about just divest from the party? Clearly you cannot defeat them from the inside. SF will always elect Pelosi; NY will always elect scummer; they and other top democraps will always whore for the big money from the big donors; they will always serve those big donors and they will always ratfuck everyone else when there is a clearcut difference, which is most of the time.

Why run as a member of that club? Oh, money? OK. Wazzat say about you?

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

It's a never ending cycle with these guys they've ruined everything it's time to move them out of control.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Cenk has called them out.

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why the Democrats running the Party are ruining their Party.

This is why I refuse to support just any old Democrat, for the good ones have generally been sidelined by the Party elites in their quest to maintain the bribes which are only offered once the Party throws yet another election. I will support the good candidates who stand for what I believe whether Green or what have you instead of yet another Party hack.

This is why there is no hope in supporting the Party until they see the error of their evil ways.

This is why we need a new party to replace the Whig-Democraps.

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The democraps don't really want a majority. They'll have the same problem with "governing" that the republicans have.
You can excite a lot of evil motherfuckers by promising a lot of shit, IF you are impotent to affect them.
But if you get your majority, all those evil motherfuckers are going to want you to honor your promises. So passing lege to kill the sick and poor, tax the middle and so forth are expected by their sheet-wearing swastika-waving shitstains or they'll maybe not vote for you next time.

Except the democraps will be expected to impeach, pass MFA, raise taxes on the rich (a LOT), guarantee elections, regulate banks, break up TBTFs, tax securities transactions... and so forth. But the democraps cannot and will never do any of those because the billionaires and corporations will pay them a shit-ton NOT to do any of it. So the democraps would lose millions of voters in 2020 as they did in 2010.

It's true that the lefty voters have proven very resilient to learning. But how many times can they repeat the betrayals of 2008 before 50 million of their 65 million will just stay home? One more time? Two? Three?

Since their goal is not to govern well, but just to raise money and pretend to want to govern, it would be far better for them to gain a couple of seats but remain in the minority. They can draw out the game several more cycles that way.

Pelosi, Scummer, the Clintons, obamanation, the DNC whores... they all know this.
The only ones who don't seem to know this are the voters.

More proof that americans are dumber than a square pile of round rocks.


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