Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

As we've watched the horror of the "presidency" of Señor Trumpanzee unfold, one of the things that always astounds the sane among us is the low and lower quality of the so-called experts he surrounds himself with: Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, an EPA head who hates the EPA, A HUD New York and New Jersey Director who used to be the Trump family wedding planner, Putin's bestie as our Secretary of State, a bizarro collection of communications people so bad that Sean Spicer was the best of them and he's certifiable, white supremacy advocates named Miller, Bannon, Gorka and likely a whole White House staff full of them, the lying racist cookie elf as AG, General Flynn who had to resign after only a month in the job, a Chief Of Staff who was a Marine General but now has zero integrity and is best known for having abused the widow of a fallen soldier. It goes on and on to the point where it's obvious that Trump is a saboteur putting saboteurs in positions of the utmost responsibility. Clearly, he is not working on America's behalf. Yet half of Congress approves and half of Congress sleeps.

One of the questions that millions of people around the world are asking daily is, "Where does he get these people?" Well, who knows? Some come from under rocks. Some from escaped from labs. Many were found in asylums. Think of what kind of people staff the Trump White House. It's an absolute horror to everyone but our enemies. Rather than help the country, the White House staffers apparently spend all of their time looking for Nazi propaganda and even Al Qaeda propaganda for their boss to tweet. In Trump's mind and in what's left of the minds of his staff and supporters, they are all "The best people."

So, just how low will this go? Can it go any lower? No, not really. Once you've sunk to endorsing Nazis and pedophiles, there isn't much lower except for maybe a combination of Josef Mengele and Hannibal Lecter. Maybe Trump is saving that one for after the 2018 elections.

With all of this in mind, meet Trisha Paytas. As you can see in the clip, she's definitely not smarter than a 5th grader; not even close. After Sarah Palin, Paytas was bound to happen. I think I have found the next member of Señor Trumpanzee's cabinet. She's a former stripper, and "some say" prostitute who sees herself as an "internet celebrity" and "youtube star." She also fancies herself a recording star and "actress." She's even appeared on some of the trashiest daytime TV so bad that it's the other side of Bolivian soap operas. She's also a Jesus freak, and, do I have to say it, she's a moron. Oh, was that mean of me to say? OK, then, she's a fucking double fucking moron but she's probably smarter than most of the White House staff and the Trump administration. She's a freak show escapee from carny row. She's perfect. You can bet that Señor Trumpanzee drools all over her videos and tells his "Best People" to "Get her in here!"

I think that given what we have already seen of Señor Trumpanzee's hires that she's on the short list for Secretary of Education for when DeVos quits or gets the boot. You know Donnie Short Fingers thinks she can do the job, and you sure as hell know she thinks she can do the job! Is Paytas putting us on? Does it matter? She was born for the part. Yep, Trish will be the one to get the nod. Of course, the Senate will confirm her, just like all the other Trump worms and Trump chimps they've confirmed. Why do you even bother to ask? I can't wait for the confirmation hearings!

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At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

OMG what a triple fucking moron.

I am passing this along to my vet.

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Where does he get these people?"

pence gets them.


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