Thursday, December 07, 2017

Paul Ryan's Poor Leadership Is Making The Congressional Sex Scandals Even Worse, By Politicizing Them In A Partisan Way


Paul Ryan was clearly too frightened to say anything about the multiple charges of rape and predatory sexual behavior against Señor Trumpanzee but, when he was bashing Michigan Democrat John Conyers-- who had just resigned-- on TV yesterday, you might have expected him to also mention Texas Republican Blake Farenthold-- who refuses to resign. Farenthold still insists he "didn't do anything wrong" but he'll pay back the $84,000 in taxpayer money paid out to his victim, Lauren Greene, after she sued him. Farenthold destroyed her 9 year Capitol Hill career when she exposed him as a pervert. As Politico's Rachel Bade reported this week "Greene’s budding career imploded, she said, the minute she accused Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) of sexually harassing her. Since the summer of 2014, when she says Farenthold fired her for raising concerns about a hostile work environment, Greene has been unable to land a full-time job. She’s making $15 an hour working temporary gigs for a homebuilder. She baby-sits on the side to earn extra cash. Her family has had to support her financially. And Greene, now 30, has left D.C., with no illusions that she will ever work in politics again." Isn't that something Ryan should be addressing, instead of just castigating a Democrat who did resign-- and who didn't destroy anyone's career? [So far only 2 Republican members of Congress-- Mia Love (UT) and Barbara Comstock (VA)-- have demanded that Blake Farenthold resign. And Trump... no one's bringing that up anymore-- except Jeff Merkley-- are they?]

Yesterday, in the midst of the growing scandal, Quinnipiac released a new poll specifically addressing sexual assault, which finds that 47% of American women (and 17% of American men) say they've been sexually assaulted. The question was "Have you ever been sexually assaulted, meaning someone touched you in an inappropriate, sexual manner without your consent, or not?" 37% who say they were sexually assaulted say it happened at work and 19% say it happened at school.
The media get the best grades for how it is handling sexual harassment and sexual assault in its industry, as Americans approve 48 - 42 percent. Approval for other groups are negative:
21 - 60 percent for how the Republican Party is handling sexual harassment and sexual assault in politics;
28 - 50 percent for the Democratic Party;
38 - 51 percent for the entertainment industry.

Americans disapprove 63 - 22 percent of the way President Donald Trump is handling sexual harassment and sexual assault. Republicans approve 55 - 24 percent, the only party, gender, age or racial group to approve.

It is hypocritical for President Trump to criticize men accused of sexual harassment, 73 percent of Americans say, while 16 percent say he has a right to criticize these men.

The U.S. Congress should investigate accusations of sexual harassment against President Trump, Americans say 70 - 25 percent.

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At 12:47 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

The U.S. Congress should investigate accusations of sexual harassment against President Trump, Americans say 70 - 25 percent.

I agree but don't expect that to happen under the current GOP leadership & possibly the Blue Dog/New Dem regime should they regain congressional control.

At 4:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's get a clue here. Under IOKIYAR, there is nothing a Republican does that merits any retribution. That is only for Democraps. Republicans are immune from the law -NAY! Above the law!- for the law is only for the protection of the wealthy from the rest of us, and for a few servants of the wealthy necessary to create new protections for wealth.

While it may be honorable to accept the blame for such things, Democrats should be holding out for a Republican to resign with each Democrat. You KNOW this is what the Republicans would insist upon if the shoes were on other feet.

Yes, Democrats! Do evil just as their hero Republicans do, meekly slink off like the wimps they are, and never fight for anything.

You sure you aren't ready for a new party to replace the DemoWhigs?


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