Thursday, December 07, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

On Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of helicopters circling above my neighborhood. When that happens, it usually has something to do with a crime in progress. In this case, the cops weren't chasing a criminal. They were protecting one. Senor Trumpanzee was coming home to New York City to do a celebratory dance on your face fundraiser mere hours after the U.S. $enate had voted in favor of the Trump/Repuplican fleecing of the middle and working classes. Screw veterans? Yay! Screw teachers? Yay! Create more cheap jobs in China? Yay! Trick and betray the suckers once more? Yay! More money and power for us and less for them? Yay! You get the picture. If you have Senor Trumpanzee's psychopathic attitude, why waste time. My neighborhood is on the path to and from the New York airports. I've seen several presidents pass through. President Clinton came through one night and had the lights on in his limo so we could see him. His was the only head you could see in the back seat. Dubya went by one afternoon and as he did, I pushed the brim of my hat up with my middle finger. As a measure of public feeling towards this monstrosity named Trump, there were more police, more kinds of police, more copters, more police cars with red lights swirling, and more barricades than I have ever seen before; more than with any previous president and more than the couple of popes who have driven through my neighborhood. For this occasion, the streets were excessively barricaded. Had SeƱor Trumpanzee requested more than the usual barricades because, in what's left of his mind, he envisioned huge crowds waiting to cheer him as he went by? In that case, he was surely disappointed. Unlike with previous presidents of either party, there were no crowds, just angry New Yorkers trying to walk from one destination to the next without interruption. I made my way to my local farmers market and all you could hear were people talking about the Tax Scam, the blocked streets, and how "that asshole should stay in Washington with the other assholes." One elderly gent mused about buying an extra tomato or two for when the motorcade went by. Such attitudes are what make New York livable in my eyes. Meanwhile, over at Trumpf Tower on Fifth Avenue, a line of the whitest and the most privileged Daddy Warbucks types waited to kiss the ring and fork over "the big check" to "The Donald" while, across the street, a neatly penned in crowd of protesters jeered. Said one clueless trumpie scrooge:
Just a delight to be here. Been a Trump supporter since day one. We're contributing to his progress, and I'm very proud of where he's taken this country so far, and the sky's the limit.
Whew! When the guillotines are oiled up and the baskets are ordered, we must be sure to track this assclown down and move him and his pride in his support for the demise of America to the very first group that meets the blade. If you click on the provided link, you can actually see him say what he said. There has been no doctoring or editing. This guy could have been speaking in the summer of 1929. "Proud of where he's taken this country!" He even says it without a trace of a Russian accent. The billions that the Trump family will gain from the despicable Tax Scam just isn't enough. Poor Donnie needs a fundraiser. Ostensibly, the fundraiser is for his re-election. No doubt, he will try to finesse some sort of way to illegally steer the money into his defense fund. Hell, at this point, I think we can expect the republican congress to pass a law allowing him to do whatever he wants with the money. After all, Queen Melanoma needs a new pair of shoes. If you do look at the clip, you can see that Senor Trumpanzee drew quite a crowd of protestors. Trump can take pride in the fact that he has the most protestors, the best protestors. The biggest crowd. The biggliest! Tremendous numbers. Great ratings! Much bigger than Obama's. Saturday also featured an anti-Tax Scam flash protest by hundreds 40 blocks south at Union Square but, whenever I walk by Trumpf Tower, there are always at least a few protestors. They know he's rarely there. It doesn't matter. It's more of an anti-Trump vigil than a protest anyway. As long as there's one good knight to keep the flame going that is all that matters. The winds of winter are coming, and flames kiss the wind. They feed on the wind like a vampire feeds on blood. They grow and grow.



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