Friday, December 08, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

GOP. God's Own Pedophiles. That's your 2017 Republican Party. Family values, Alabama style! In some countries, countries we say we don't like, it's permissible for families sell their daughters to sex slave rings or just to older men as "wives." Looks like in Alabama, they just let the D.A. have them for free.

For awhile there, it seemed that at least some republicans were at least a little squirmy about Judge Roy Moore. Even $enate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, just a few weeks ago that he believed the women who were accusing his buddy Judge Roy Moore of molesting them. Republicans even made slight murmurings about booting Moore from the $enate if the weirdo perv sympathizers of the Nation of Al Abama voted him in as their guy. None of it was believable, of course; not for a second. If I knew nothing at all about McConnell, I wouldn't believe anything that he said for a nanosecond. It's all in the eyes and in that smirky expression. As for his own predilections, if I saw McConnell walking around New York at night, I'd take one look at his bad case of Perv Face and have a good idea that he was on his way to the nearest Emporium of Porn Mags; the kinkier the better.

Well, well, well now, it seems that the Republican Party has now gone officially off the deep end with its endorsement and embrace of pedophilia as a means to an end. It wasn't a switcheroo as much as it was arrogance and the confidence that they can get away with being themselves right out in the open. If pressed on this issue, the only thing you'll get after their statements of support is "It's up to the voters." Really? After you put him in position and gave him your money?

Not surprisingly Trump is leading the way. So is Pence. So is McConnell. So is Orrin Hatch, a desiccated stale old fart of a man who also says that Trump is the best president of his time in the $enate. So much for Hatch's cred. He was a senile old dolt back 30 years or so when he started waving a copy of "The Exorcist" at the Clarence Thomas hearing. This was his defense of Thomas when it came out that Thomas was both a first magnitude porn freak and a sexual harasser.

Some of the Republicans say they want Moore in the $enate because of tax votes. Some play the abortion card. All of them say that molesting underaged girls is no big deal. One can only conclude that that is a cultural thing. Maybe it's some sort of Republican sharia thing. We all accept the norms of our culture, at least until we start to question them. We're seeing this right now with the issue of sexual harassment, but, apparently, at least among republicans, pedophilia is endemic to their culture and lifestyle. It's a bond among them. A few might chuckle about it, but, to them, it's no biggie.

So many of Moore's supporters are Christians, especially those who say their supporting Moore thing "is all about the babies." Apparently, their Christian god is good with pedophilia. How convenient! I'm guessing that's a big inducement for recruitment into the Republican Party. You are who you vote for. God's Own Pedophiles. They are marching under a banner that reads "Pedophiles Against Abortion!" Others are marching under a banner that reads "Pedophiles For Higher Taxes!" Some of them have both banners. Not to worry. That White Supremacy banner and their Confederate flags are always nearby.

So, what's next? Perhaps a video of a candidate murdering his wife surfacing and that candidate getting the Republican Party's full, unwavering support like Moore now has? Because of the greed of the 1%? Because of "the babies?" Far fetched, you say? Well, a year or so ago, would you have thought their support of Judge Roy Moore was far fetched? Or Trump for that matter? I wouldn't have. OK, maybe this year the Republican Party isn't supporting an obvious wife murderer. Maybe, that's just their next outrage. Wait'll next year or 2020. Once a party has embraced pedophilia, there's no telling what they'll go for next. I can see it now. Some assclown in Alabama or Wisconsin or wherever will be on Hannity one night proclaiming that "Jesus loves a good snuff film," and Hannity will be nodding in agreement along with the audience at home. It'll be, "Well if it's OK with Jesus, it's darn well fine with me! We need this guy in the $enate!"

Republicans will just keep pushing the boundaries of acceptability further and further. They will go for whatever we, as a country, accept from them. Stealing our money and giving it to their friends? Sex with our kids? Murder as just another right of marriage? Honor killings if their daughter is raped or knocked up by a candidate? Will they still vote for the candidate? Apparently, you betcha! Their extremism knows no bounds if they can get away with it, in the name of their Christian god, of course. Is it just up to the voters of Al Abama?

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At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Roy Moore should be chastised for his positions and statements - it should not be all about his sexual preferences and slimy behavior. Did he rape an underage girl? Did he? No evidence of that. Was anything he did illegal? Being a total slime bag with young girls is only a part of how horrible he is. The other stuff is getting lost and looms far larger and will have far greater consequences for this country if he wins and has power in the Senate. He defied the Constitution!!! He is homophobic, anti Semitic and a racist.

If Moore wins and gets into Congress and remains there, why should Al Franken have been forced to resign? The females in Congress who insisted on Franken's resignation are not seeing the big picture and are setting wide double standards for Dems and Reps that are not good for Dems and weaken them, not strengthen them. They are holding Franken accountable but not insisting on the same actions for Trump and Moore. Trump is the big picture, and Trump has done FAR WORSE than Al Franken. That rape case against Trump of an underaged girl was dropped, probably due to intimidation. Trump may actually have raped someone and maybe more than one person, along with his other disgusting behavior - whereas Al did a forced kiss and some grabbing. Lousy for sure, but not rape and not illegal, and he knows he was wrong, is extremely humiliated and embarrassed and has apologized. That is worth resigning? I adamantly do not think so.

I am a woman and I have had similar stuff done to me. I i imagine virtually all woman have, and many men have done stuff like this. Should they all be fired? If so, we'd have few men employed. What Franken did was pervasive in this country but is no longer acceptable for sure. Consequences should take place that make sense. This does not make sense.

At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a god can be used as justification for evil deeds, that religion is a perversion.

If a god is omniscient, it should be able to dictate scripture unambiguously and make sure the transcription is accurate.

Could there be more clear proof that all religions are human inventions, most of them from the bronze age?


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