Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Meet the "revised" Tax Scam, same as the old Tax Scam! This is how Republicans say Merry Christmas.

We've now seen the so-called revised Republican Tax Scam. The Repug Party snuck it out in a late Friday news dump, hoping that most people wouldn't see it. The psychotic Republican scum that infest Washington have, once again, smirked at their country and slyly moved their 3-card monte cards around the table and, as if by magic, the middle and working classes are still to be robbed in order to pay for a hand out of a staggeringly large amount of corporate corporate welfare to multi-national corporations and massive tax cuts to massively wealthy people who don't need the additional money and will use it, not to create jobs and invest in the nation's future, but to hand out bribes to those who voted for this scam and park the rest off shore where the IRS can't tax it.

This is the engineering of an oligarchy meant to rival that of Putin's Russia, the country that Republicans hold dear. This is Trump's and Ryan's wet dream, a dream they and their followers have chosen over the American Dream and American ideals. The Republican Tax Scam destroys the lives of parents and the futures of their children by, not only removing healthcare and educational opportunities but by saddling them with a $1.4 trillion deficit that will kill the promised job creation and investing that would lead to whole new businesses that could better the lives of Americans and provide them with jobs. Cynically, the Tax Scam lulls the gullible into a false sense of security with some minor, very temporary, tax cuts. But those, if you do the math, are offset by the loss of deductions and the inevitable rise in property taxes that always come with federal tax cuts and "trickle down economics." In a past era, even a Republican called this "Voodoo Economics." His name was George H.W. Bush. This is voodoo economics on steroids, with bigger, more poisonous pins. Prominent repugs are all ready talking about using the coming increase in the national deficit as an excuse to cut medicare and social security programs. It's the Republican F-U to senior citizens. Wa-lah! All generations will feel the pain and have their dignity stripped. That's the Republican concept of equality for ya.

The Republican Party's betrayal of America and its people becomes all but complete with what will be the end results of this scam. They're even doing it knowing that three quarters of the American public have made their opposition to it known. Has there ever been a better example of the Republican Party saying "We don't give a damn. We're getting ours!"? If you voted for any Republican, this is what you voted for. Congratulations, you're getting it rammed down your throat.

Screw Republicans. Nail them to the trees in the woods and let the coyotes and crows have at 'em. It's winter.

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At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

1.4 trillion not million.

The younger generations will be much worse off than us - the baby boomers who should know better. After all, we lived through:

- the Vietnam era and saw over 50,000 of us die for no good reason - we saw that the government can lie and cannot be trusted
- Watergate - the evils of those in power -the President can be a criminal
- Reagan's trickle down economics that did not work
- George Bush's horrible Middle East war that shock up politics in that part of the world and made us less safe and was promoted through deceit and lies (while also ignoring the huge national debt it created) and got away with it all - no accountability thanks to Obama; not much protest either from the boomers because of a lack of a draft - their children did not have to go fight
- the Wall Street crash in 2008 caused by runaway banks and financial markets and wild speculation, who also got away with it all thanks to Obama

The baby boomers observed the partial dismantling of FDR's checks on economic disaster and only the left screamed - most have been complacent - we have had it so good, what could possible go wrong? Those stinking liberals, what the hell do they know? FDR's safety net, of course, had a huge hole ripped in it by complicit Democrats and Bill Clinton, part of the reason progressives hated Hillary so much - her ties to the banks and corporate money. That hatred was fed by Trump and the Republicans (and Putin!) so that many Americans were blind to the dangers of what was really going on - the criminal money mob that aimed to take over our government and screw out country. It is a heist.

The goal of the current Republican crew, hand in hand with Trump and his rotten family, is to scoop up the money of our country to line their own pockets and then destroy whatever is left of FDR's protections against this rape. And rape it is. They want it all.

Even the economists Laurence Summers and Robert Rubin, of all people, who supported Bill's dismantling of Glass-Steagall, have spoken out against this tax bill. Wow does this say something about how BAD it really is!

So now we are heading back to the Gilded Age. With history taught so poorly in our schools that most young people are unaware of the corporate monsters like the Rockefellers, who colluded with a few others to own the USA and screw American workers over a hundred years ago. Yet the younger generations know enough about their own personal finances to see that they are being screwed financially - with far too expensive education, health care and housing, combined with a frightening level of debt that has become their reality. That's why they vote mostly for the Democrats, who have been a better choice although not by enough to make a difference. Yet. They loved Bernie because he spoke the truth with gusto and meant every word of it.

Capitalism has gone off the deep end. We will become owners and serfs. The serfs will do all the work and pay for the economy to run while the rich sit back and buy more diamonds and real estate.

As FDR said, Howie, in a recent quote in your blog, criminal money = criminal mob. Our government has been highjacked by a money mob. Back to Karl Marx again - his insights are right on the money.

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, you forgot to laud bill Clinton and democraps for their role, primary, in dismantling Glass-Steagall. They also passed CFMA which forbids regulating of derivitives. These were the cornerstones of the 2008 crash that obamanation and democraps did nothing about.

Yes, the ENTIRE government is now owned by the money. How did that happen?

Just imagine the democrats had passed FDR's test in 2009 by jailing banksters and torturers, passing MFA, raising taxes on the rich, disengaging from wars, invoking Sherman, rebuilding infrastructure, launching a manhattan project to replace fossil fuels with renewables, renegotiated or repudiated all the FTAs...

We are where we are because the democraps are corrupt and feckless AND because 65 million voters on the left (all that still vote) are too fucking stupid to realize this.

We are here because of 4 decades of lesser evilism.

If you want to see how much lower we can go, keep following the lesser evilism escalator down.

Still planning to vote for Ds are you, Hone?

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, do you remember the FIRST time republicans did this? 1980. Reagan, who probably didn't know he was alive by this time, signed a massive tax cut for the rich and corporations. Remember how voters punished him and the Rs for ratfucking their kids (who would have had to backstop all that debt, except we just allowed the debt to keep accumulating)?

Remember how voters actually DID punish poppy bush for relatively insignificant upticks in taxes in '92 (that's how we got the lying Clintons)?
Remember how how all those democraps raised taxes to 'fix' all this stupidity?
Remember how voters punished Clinton for NAFTA et al?
Remember how voters punished obamanation for ... doing nothing?

Anyone who thinks this round of borrowing more to give the rich MUCH more will result in anything other than a continuation of SOS is a fool. We may swap out some Rs for Ds. But the low taxes for the rich meme and borrowing to make up the diff shall march on. And in 10 years, we'll do another round. And then another.

Since voters are MUCH too stupid to ever put a stop to this, the only way out will be a total economic collapse (worse than 1932) and/or a big, humiliating loss in a world war. A civil war might serve here too, but that would be the worst eventuality.


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