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The Billionaire Class Has Taken Over The Government-- Can We Fight Back And Win


If nothing else, please watch this 3 minute trailer for Trumping Democracy above-- and then send it to a friend.

Now the good news: Voters across the country prefer a Democratic takeover over Congress next year by double digits-- 50-39%. That's huge. Janet Hook: "Voters increasingly want Democrats to control Congress after the 2018 elections, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that offers several warning signs for the Republican Party."

Yesterday, NBC's Mark Murray reported that "Fresh off their victory in Alabama’s special Senate election, Democrats now enjoy their largest advantage in congressional preference in nine years... signaling a dangerous political environment for Republicans entering next year’s midterm elections." The most important numbers in the poll are 43% and 31%. 43% is the percentage of independent voters who prefer Democrats and 31% is the percentage who prefer Republicans. Outside of the deep red seats, primarily in the unreconstructed South, independents will determine who will win congressional elections in 2018. If that margin holds-- or, as is likely continues to grow in a blue direction-- Democrats will be in position to win dozens of seats held by Republicans, including between 7 and 10 in California, nearly as many in Texas and all the swing districts in the Northeast, including Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, while picking up seats in the Midwest (Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana). And that augers well for the country, especially in terms of putting a check on Trump and his neo-fascist regime. In fact had Schumer not selected 2 especially wretched candidates for the Senate from Arizona (grotesquely corrupt far-right Blue Dog Kyrsten Sinema) and Nevada (utterly worthless and clueless conservative Jacky Rosen) I would be ready to predict a lock on a Democratic Senate takeover to go along with a House takeover. (And you can say goodbye to Paul Ryan and hello to iron worker Randy Bryce in the U.S. House of Representatives.)
The last time Democrats both held a double-digit lead and hit 50 percent on this question in the NBC/WSJ poll was September 2008, right before the party won the White House and picked up a substantial number of House and Senate seats.

This past October, Democrats had a 7-point advantage on congressional preference, 48 percent to 41 percent.

In this most recent poll, Democrats hold a whopping 48-point lead in congressional preference among voters ages 18-34 (69 percent to 21 percent), a 20-point lead among female voters (54 percent to 34 percent) and a 12-point lead among independent voters (43 percent to 31 percent).

By contrast, Republicans have a 2-point edge among white voters (46 percent to 44 percent) and a 12-point advantage with whites without a college degree (50 percent to 38 percent).

Notably, Democrats lead among male voters by 2 points, 46 percent to 44 percent, and among seniors by 4 points, 46 percent to 42 percent.

The NBC/WSJ poll also shows Democrats with the intensity advantage, with 59 percent of Democratic voters saying they have a high level of interest in next year’s elections (registering either a 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale), versus 49 percent of Republican voters saying the same thing.

Additionally, 62 percent of voters who said they voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 have a high level of interest in next year’s midterms, compared with 50 percent of Trump voters.

"A double-digit margin here is an important indicator of Democratic intensity," said Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted this survey with Democratic pollsters from Hart Research Associates.
As Trump's disapproval numbers continue to grow, and as the country continues to see him as a liar and source of fake news, his impact on Republicans, largely seen as enablers and rubber stamps, also grows. In fact, in many cases, the disapproval numbers for members of Congress are significantly worse than Trump's disapproval. Let's look at 10 comparisons (from various recent polls) in key battleground districts of Tump's and Ryan's disapproval ratings. The first number represents Trump's disapproval in the district and the second represents Ryan's disapproval rating:
VA-10 (Barbara Comstock)- 59/71%
CO-06 (Mike Coffman)- 55/64%
PA-06 (Ryan Costello)- 52/70%
ME-02 (Bruce Poliquin)- 49/61%
IA-03 (David Young)- 53/65%
WA-08 (Dave Reichert)- 55/67%
MI-11 (Dave Trott)- 50/65%
MN-02 (Jason Lewis)- 52/62%
PA-15 (Charlie Dent)- 52/61%
IA-01 (Rod Blum)- 52/61%
Each one of these congressmembers is a Paul Ryan rubber stamp and each has built a voting record that can be easily tied to Ryan's hated, toxic agenda. None of these 10 is expected to be returning to Congress in 2019. In fact, 3 have already announced they are retiring, rather than face near-certain defeat. Two-- Bruce Poliquin and David Young-- have extraordinarily qualified progressive opponent, respectively Jared Golden and Austin Frerick. And a third district, the retiring Trott's MI-11, also has an excellent progressive candidate in Haley Stevens. All will be hanging this around their opponent's necks:

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At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This piece is self-repudiating.

Yes, the billionaire caste has taken over. It took over in 1980, fyi:
Yes, we THEORETICALLY could fight back and win.

but if the premise is that we must do so by electing more democraps, then this author gets suckered right into the billionaire caste's trap of magical thinking.

Look at the graph. Voters prefer Ds almost every cycle but end up electing more Rs. The exception is 2010 and you wanna know why? Because in '06 and '08 we DID elect a bevy of your sacred democraps... and they refused to do ANY fighting and winning. Instead, they faithfully served their billionaire caste masters just as faithfully as trump is now.

So if you think preferring democraps is fighting or winning, you're a goddamn fool and have been for 37 years... as the past 37 years have proven. And proven again. And continue to prove. And SHALL continue to prove should you "fight back and win" in 2018/2020.

AND YOU FUCKING KNOW THIS. You, in fact, write often that you know it. So... why do you insist on promoting guaranteed failure and call it "fighting back and winning"? Why, it's almost as though you are working for THEM.

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

""Voters increasingly want Democrats to control Congress after the 2018 elections . . ."

Corporations want total control and will likely sanction the total subversion of the Will of the People by unleashing worse voter suppression efforts than they have allowed to date. They are getting what they want from the Greedy Oligarch Party. They know what the demographic trends are. They will do everything possible to prevent We the People from taking our nation back from them.

We will get no support from the DINO-Whigs.

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We tried that in 2006 when Pelosi ran on rolling back the Bush abuses. Remember how that turned out? Pelosi told us that "impeachment was off the table and she was keeping her powder dry"

Then we voted for the Hope and Change candidate that became an Empty Suit president for 8 years. During his tenure we saw illegal spying increase, the two wars that he promised to end continued, the use of drones and civilian casualties go way up and then to top it off, he invaded Libya on the same false pretenses that Bush did for Iraq. Obama told us that Gaddafi was arresting his citizens who were protesting against him just like Obama did to the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

During the time that the democrats held all branches of government, the only legislation that they passed was the ACA. They could have passed single payer because they used reconciliation which only needed 51 votes to pass, just like the republicans are doing for their tax bill. Where are the democrats who are supposed to be fighting against this? They could have done a lot of things to stop the republicans from passing their tax bill, but they didn't even bother to try.

When they held all branches of government why didn't they pass a jobs bill or any legislation that would have helped main stream Americans? I'll tell you why, that wasn't why Obama was elected president. His job was to protect the banks, just like it was Clinton's job to deregulate them and set up the Great Repression.

The democrats recently voted against impeachment for Trump after Pelosi had already said that "the time for impeachment is not now."

If people are thinking that when democrats get back in control of congress they will roll back the tax bill, think again. Manchkin has already told the republicans that they should have gone through regular channels to pass it because they would have had 70 votes.

At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your version of "winning" has that Charlie sheen stench to it. You know that... right?

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a reason Net Neutrality had to die, and ownership of the media concentrated into a very few hands. Putting us all under NSA surveillance wasn't just to "prevent" terrorism. It's to ensure that We the People never again organize our power to rule this land and restore balance and sanity.

At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Our Democracy is poised to fail big time. Trump and this Congress have done tremendous damage to our government and it is quickly being dismantled. Institutions are being destroyed. We are getting closer to the brink of falling apart. All this has happened in only in one year! We still have a whole year to go before the midterms.

We must stop this! Anything and everything must be done to vote the Republicans out. Idealistic purity cannot not be primary or we will fail. Politics is messy and dirty and we have to fight messily and dirtily. Practicality must reign if we want to save this country.

At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just how will swapping Rs with democraps stop anything? It didn't stop anything in 2006 or 2008. What makes 2018 different?
I'm truly curious how you envision this happening.


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