Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tim Canova On The Blue America Gung Ho Contest


As you may know, Blue America is trying to help the congressional candidates we've endorsed raise some last minute campaign funds to close out the year. Our friend Nancy Ohanian gave us a signed print she did, Gung Ho! as a prize for one lucky contributor. Monday at noon we'll be picking one contributor, randomly.

To bolster our efforts, Tim Canova sent his own supporters this team-work letter I want to share with you.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The very first progressive group to endorse our campaign last year against Debbie Wasserman Schultz was Blue America, and Blue America has been with us ever since.

Blue America is now contributing a work by the artist Nancy Ohanian in a contest to raise donations for our campaign, as well as 18 other progressive candidates around the country, from Maine to Hawaii, from Minnesota to Florida.

Just contribute any amount to any of the progressive candidates on this page. One dollar, ten dollars, $1,000... it's up to you. Split your donation between all the candidates, give to your favorite candidate or split it between 2 or 3 candidates . . . that’s all up to you. (Just not more than $2,700 to any one candidate.)

Then next week, on Monday, December 17, Blue America will pick one name randomly and send that person the signed “Gung Ho” print of Donald Trump, with spear in hand, leading a charge atop an elephant. . . that’s charging in the opposite direction!

Please donate what you can here to our campaign and perhaps one or more of the eighteen other Blue America progressive campaigns. I just made a $27 donation to one of the other candidates. If I win this raffle contest, I know exactly who I will be giving the Gung Ho print to as a holiday gift!

This particular Nancy Ohanian print is entitled “Gung Ho”-- a term that comes from two Chinese characters meaning “pull together.” The irony of this title, with the image of Donald Trump and the Republican Party elephant mascot pulling in opposite directions, is the appeal of this print.

Of course, it’s not enough to make fun of the troubles in the Republican Party. We are acutely aware of the rot within the Democratic Party as well. We progressives must offer a genuine alternative to voters that puts people first-- ahead of corporate profits, ahead of the lobbyists and CEOs and financial markets. When we fight on the issues that matter in people’s everyday lives, that’s when we have a far better chance of winning elections.

We’re excited to be in good company with eighteen other progressive candidates in this contest to raffle off a gorgeous print. We like to think of this group of candidates as our progressive “Gung Ho Gang”-- pulling together to take on the political establishment and challenge entrenched incumbents across the country.

Some weeks ago, Nancy Ohanian contributed several other prints in an auction fundraiser for our campaign. Nancy wants to do her part to help flip Congress from “red” to “blue” in 2018-- and not just any blue, but a true progressive blue.

Goal ThermometerWe must all do whatever we can. Alone your donation accomplishes little. But when combined with the contributions of thousands of other grassroots donors around the country, we will rock the establishment in 2018! In this sense, we are all part of this Gung Ho progressive movement, contributing our time and energies to the cause of restoring democracy and humanity to our country.

Thank you for all that you do to support our collective efforts!

In solidarity,

Tim Canova

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