Sunday, December 17, 2017

DC Rumor Mill: Trumpanzee Plans To Fire Mueller December 22


The Simpsons come through... bigly. Less hilarious is the Newsweek suggestion that Señor Trumpanzee may fire Mueller next week while Congress is away for holiday vacation. That's what Jackie Speier (D-CA) says she's hearing in the Capitol-- specifically that he'll fire Mueller on Dec. 22. Democrats will want to impeach him if he does-- but so what? Republicans control both houses of Congress and there aren't many who would go along either. Adam Schiff, who has been drumming up Trump fear-monger so he can raise immense sums of money for an eventual Senate run-- with no 2016 opponent, Schiff goes from his Rachel Maddow appearances directly to fundraisers and had already brought in $1,667,276 by October 1.

Meanwhile Florida dimwit, Matt Gaetz, one of only 5 millennials in the House, has been running around trying-- successfully-- to sound even stupider than Louie Gohmert, demanding Mueller be fired for corruption. Walter Shaub, former head of the Office of Government Ethics, noted that "the coordinated effort by President Trump and his surrogates to discredit the Mueller investigation raises serious alarms. Rather than making themselves complicit in this assault on the rule of law, Members of Congress should send a clear message to the President that firing Mueller is a red line he must not cross," no doubt a jab at the hyperbolic Gaetz.

And Gaetz is hardly the only dim bulb in Florida schreiking for Mueller's head. The most corrupt Attorney General in America, Pam Bondi, was on Fox with Hannity last week, along with neo-Nazi nutcase Sebastian Gorka, making an idiot out of herself. Speaking on Mueller's sterling team, the imbecilic Bondi babbled That "They need to be dissolved, and they need to be investigated. This team needs to be wiped out." When Hannity said that the level of corruption inside Mueller’s team is "worse than Watergate," Bondi butted in to slobber her agreement. But Hannity was on a tear and continued, "By the time we entangle this massive web of corruption, it will be worse than Watergate... Watergate on human growth hormone and steroids combined at massive levels."

Ready to blow him-- in her barely controllable excitement-- Bondi said, "And you’re the one who had to untangle it, Sean, not the federal government. That’s the shame of it."

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At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been told there are 25 indictments ready to drop.


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