Friday, November 10, 2017

The Trump Wing Has Found Its Scapegoat-- And It's A Turtle


Fox was the only news channel not reporting on the tremendous losses the Republicans suffered on Tuesday-- not just in Virginia and New Jersey but, down ballot, in every state that held an election. No mention of Trump cronies like that crazy mayor in in Brook Park Ohio and Rob Astorino, one of Trump's closest friend in politics, who Bannon and Mercer just spent a million dollars trying to save-- and failed miserably. In his latest interview with Hannity, Bannon went so far as to imply that Tuesday was a day of GOP victories. He quickly turned his frustration and ire against the pathetic Turtle (R-KY) instead, demanding McConnell resign immediately ("tonight," he demanded at the end of the segment). Bannon immediately started whining about "the donor class" (the biggest right-wing donor is hedge fund criminal Robert Mercer, Bannon's sugar daddy) and "especially Mitch McConnell."
I tell you Sean, I’m to the point, that I think Mitch McConnell, to really bring unity to the Republican Party, and get things done, I think Mitch McConnell ought to tender his resignation... tomorrow."

And Hannity, of course, backed him up. "I agree with you on McConnell. Step up, get the job done or get out. I'm tired of it." Awwww... Sean is tired of it. Has this bum ever worked a day in his life at anything beyond flapping his gums and cashing his big checks? If you know anything about Trump, it's that he always looks for someone else to blame for his many, many shortcomings and it looks like the Trumpist, neo-fascist wing of the Republican Party has decided that the designated villain for all the failures of 2017 will be Miss McConnell (who, unfortunately, isn't up for reelection 'til 2020).

Trump was a pussy cat with China-- but he's a lion with poor Miss McConnell

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At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have any pity for mcturtle. I will never lament the demise of any of those evil motherfuckers. But I'd rather their demise was not so that a different evil motherfucker could benefit.


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