Friday, November 10, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Well, well, well! Now we know why Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore was dancing around the stage waving his little pistol! I wonder if, before deciding to be a judge, he ever thought about being a priest. In any event, the more we get to know about this assclown, the sicker it gets. 14 year old girls? Yeah, I know it's Alabama but I guess we thought things might have changed, at least a little. It is now alleged that Moore is a pedophile of some sort, but, it wouldn't surprise me if in 2017 Alabama, the only offense in this would be if it was outside the family.

Meanwhile, I'm both disgusted and laughing at the sight of Republican senators running and tripping over each other in their extreme haste to get to the microphone to express their faux outrage and their faux indignity. Here's Alabama Senator Richard Shelby:
If these allegations are true, there is no place for Roy Moore in the United States Senate!
What a crock. 6 weeks ago, they were presuming his election and falling all over themselves to be the first to welcome him into the club so he could help them pass their tax "reform" scam, despite all of the previously disclosed negatives about the guy. 4 weeks ago, they would have made him vice-chair of a committee. Now, they going all "shocked and appalled." This after, among other things, Moore had to be removed from serving on his state's Supreme Court, not once but twice! And, let's not forget they had no problem at all with endorsing and continuing to support the admitted sexual harasser at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Remember, this is the U.S. Senate after all; a place known for sex harassment of all kinds from parties of all kinds. Senate pages of both sexes have always been the equivalent of Catholic choirboys in the eyes of our senators. It's one big fraternity house and it's always Saturday night. Yet, here they are, now that the "Me Too" movement is in full force, and seeing the huge role that the votes of women played in Tuesday's elections, they're chasing the votes of women by running to the microphone and anyone who has a camera to denounce the allegations against Judge Roy Moore. It's not as sick as the allegations of pedophilia, but, it's pretty damn sick. The insincerity? Well, that goes with the territory. I watch this stampede to the microphones and cameras and I have to wonder, which of these bozos felt they had to hastily leave the intern(s) under their desk, pull up their pants and run to the press room. The difference to them, of course, is the fact that one of Moore's accusers is only 14. To them, 16 maybe. 17 OK (even fantastic!), but 14! That's just going way to far!

Already, the crazies at Breitbart are defending Moore by saying it was only one 14 year old.

Oh, and in another case of typical Republican irony, Judge Roy Moore is the founder and president of an organization called The Foundation For Moral Law. Perfect. If Moore survives this, we should create the first annual Clarence Thomas Award and give it to him on his first day.

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At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Moore is elected - and I expect he will be - there won't be one Republican Senator who will refuse to shake his hand and welcome him to the Senate as a full member in good standing. Lisa Murkowski might just stand on principle and prove me wrong. Susan Collins will likely sneak out the back door so she doesn't have to confront him. Virginia Fox may try to sneak over from the House side to whisper sweet nothings in Roy's ear. Maybe something like, "Roy, you know I was 14 once upon a time."

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he's elected, Alabama should be evicted from the usa and a 300' wall should be built around it so they can't spread their particular brand of evil elsewhere.

What am I saying.. "IF"?? It's fucking Alabama.

At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine the heat emanating from these same Republicans if Moore was a Democrat.

He's a member of a predatory club, and his involvement with underage girls only proves he's qualified to belong.


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