Thursday, November 09, 2017

Trump Is Bringing In More Foreign Workers Instead Of Hiring Americans-- Fox Will Never Report That!


All capital letters and exclamation points don't mean he's talking about jobs for Americans. AND HE'S NOT! HE NEVER IS! TRUMP IS A FRAUD! Last week Palm Beach Post writer Jeff Ostrowski explained how Trump the crooked businessman applied to Trump the illegitimate White House occupant to import more foreign workers for his Mar-A-Lago estate and, believe it or not, Trump the illegitimate White House occupant granted the wishes of Trump the crooked businessman.

The key to this story is that H-2B visas are only supposed to be granted if there are no American workers qualified to do the job. Trump (the crooked businessman) uses them constantly ignoring that part of the law. "Trump," Ostrowski reported, "won permission to hire 70 maids, cooks and servers at the Mar-a-Lago Club for the 2017-18 tourist season, according to newly released data from the U.S. Labor Department. In 2016-17, Trump hired 64 foreign workers at the Palm Beach property." Are there Americans qualified to work as "maids, cooks and servers." Of course there are, but Trump prefers to hire Russians. "Trump isn’t alone in looking overseas for low-wage workers through the federal government’s H-2B visa program. Nationwide, thousands of employers won permission to hire nearly 134,000 workers for 2017-18, up from 119,000 for 2016-17." But many of those jobs are high tech and highly specialized jobs. Trump uses the visas-- illegally-- for maids, cooks, servers (also for prostitutes for his "modeling agency").
Hiring workers from abroad seems to contradict Trump’s public pronouncements. The president has publicly shamed Carrier Corp., Ford Motor and others for moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

During a March 2016 presidential debate, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio criticized Trump for bringing in workers from overseas, saying American citizens could fill the jobs. Trump defended his hiring of foreign workers.

“It’s very, very hard to get people,” Trump said. “Other hotels do the exact same thing.”

...CareerSource Palm Beach County, a nonprofit job placement agency, says it knows plenty of American citizens willing to work at Mar-a-Lago.

"We currently have 5,136 qualified candidates in Palm Beach County for various hospitality positions listed in the Employ Florida state jobs database," CareerSource spokesman Tom Veenstra said Friday.

While Mar-a-Lago asks the federal government for dozens of H-2B visas every tourist season, the private club rarely asks CareerSource for help finding a local employee, Veenstra said. Mar-a-Lago in 2015 put in a request for a single banquet server.

In addition to the 70 visas at Mar-a-Lago, Trump also won permission to hire foreign workers at other properties that bear his name. He landed visas for 10 waiters and waitresses and six cooks at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, plus eight waiters and waitresses at Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Trump is a scumbag and  if you voted for him because you thought he was going to make America great again, you need to start school over again. Oh, and by the way, the crook who was paying Patrick Murphy to help him with a scheme to sell visas to Chinese citizens, Nicholas Mastroianni, gave Señor Trumpanzee a big fat $150,000 bribe.

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At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump did say he was going to bring jobs back TO America, just not that the jobs would be FOR Americans.

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

He is the most disgusting person in the world. Enough said.

A Democrat could not have gotten away with a thimble full of the bushel full of crap our so called Prez has done. The deplorables are deplorable to continue to support this insane incompetent evil monster. That goes for the entire Republican party as well. WE are an embarrassment of a country.


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