Saturday, November 18, 2017

Frank Schaeffer's Roadtrip To Orange County, Part I: Laura Oatman


As you may know-- I hope so-- Frank Schaeffer is driving around the country making a film. He's interviewing progressive Democrats who can beat Republicans next year. Meanwhile he's been posting videos each time he gets to a district. He started with Randy Bryce in Wisconsin and then went to Forsyth County, North Carolina to see Jenny Marshall. Last week he was here in Southern California speaking with and filming Sam Jammal (CA-39), Kia Hamadanchy (CA-45), Doug Applegate (CA-49) and Laura Oatman, Dana Rohrabacher's progressive opponent in coastal Orange County (CA-48). I think he's up in Maine now talking with Jared Golden. Please take a look at Frank's raw video of Laura up top.

Goal ThermometerLaura introduced herself to DWT readers back in October. She's in a crowded primary field with a bunch of inauthentic-sounding centrists. One calls himself a "Reagan Democrat" and two others are multimillionaires already endorsed by the New Dems, the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. In fact the two of them and some Republican in the jungle primary-- Paul Martin-- all sound pretty interchangeable. Laura is the progressive in this election... and the grassroots candidate.

When Laura saw the video she had the same reaction I did when I saw the clip of the hand-help camera shoot Frank made of me. Seeing all the unfiltered footage made in the bright morning sunlight reminded her that she's not in this for ego, but to be real-- wrinkles, forgotten words, and all. She reminded herself that Orange County "needs an architect-- someone who can take a dream, put together a diverse team, design a plan, and make it a reality." That's kind of become a mantra for her campaign. Then she reminds CA-48 voters that "Making America Great Again was all about taking America back to a past that really was only great for white men. It would be impossible, even if we wanted to, to take America back to that past. The world has changed since the 1950’s, with automation, globalization, population growth, and climate change all impacting the global economy, America, & Orange County. We need more leaders who can envision a future that adapts to and embraces these changes, and makes the economy work for all of us so that everyone has a fair shot at the American dream. A future for our country, and for our district, with sustainable jobs, clean air and water, healthcare and education for all, and a society that embraces diversity and inclusion. The diversity of our nation is what makes us great. Let’s make America smart again, kind again, compassionate again."

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