Monday, November 05, 2012

An America That Believes Again In Investing In Tomorrow


We need dozens of Elizabeth Warrens in the Senate, scores of Alan Graysons in the House. But that isn't what the corrupt Beltway Establishment and their dipshit state-level wannabes are offering us tomorrow. We have no choice but to patiently build-- one Elizabeth Warren at a time... one Alan Grayson at a time. You may have seen the list of progressives we put up early Saturday. That's a start, a toehold against the incredible forces of reaction and capital that own one political party outright and dominate the other.

No matter what happens tomorrow-- and polls indicate that some of our candidates will win and some will lose-- Blue America will be working-- and working without skipping a beat. We'll want to make sure that if Boehner and Obama have cooked up some kind of a Grand Bargain it isn't one that balances the budget on the backs of working families and we want to make sure that Steve Israel is held accountable for his further destruction of the Democratic brand and-- most important of all-- we want to make sure that progressive candidates start working NOW towards running for winnable seats in 2014. Watch that video up top. We want more like that.

And if a genie gave me half a dozen wishes tomorrow:

Patsy Keever would replace Patrick McHenry in NC-10
Lee Rogers would replace Buck McKeon in CA-25
Sue Thorn would replace David McKinley in WV-01
Rob Zerban would replace Paul Ryan in WI-01
Aryanna Strader would replace Joe Pitts in PA-16
Nate Shinagawa would replace Tom Reed in NY-23

Those are hard-core "impossible" races that the DCCC ignored, each a crystal clear case of one good guy facing off against one especially bad guy. They're the ones I'll be meditating about when I wake up tomorrow morning.

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At 8:13 AM, Anonymous me said...

We need dozens of Elizabeth Warrens in the Senate, scores of Alan Graysons in the House.

Wow, what a thought. Would be nice.


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