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Lobbyist/actor Freddy Thompson knew how to use his well-honed dramatic skills to wow the desperate audience of Young Republicans. After all, as one of his own supporters told a reporter, "Whatever choice do we have?" Sure Thompson took money from whatever interest groups paid him and his sons/funnels and then shilled for them-- even for pro-choice groups that were pushing the kinds of abortion positions he now declares he opposes. "Mitt Romney," whines the Freddy supporter, "has been on both sides of the issue. Rudy Giuliani is 100 percent pro-choice. John McCain, at least for the first four years of the Bush term, was against whatever the president was for. Everybody has their flaws." Thompson's speech was heavy on emotive and sugary little treats for the yapping GOP pups-- but there was no substance at all. He's tired of apologizing for America. Hillary Clinton is evil and so is the New York Times. The Democrats are the "party of despair." Fred Thompson is, clearly a low grade hack. And the delegates ate it up. But it doesn't matter. Romney already bought the convention management.

The little boys like to play just like the big boys and in Republican Party politics that means more than follow the money... it means kiss its ass and lick its boots. Tonight is the Young Republican annual straw poll. Romney will be the winner. How do I know? He bought and paid for it and the Young Republican junior fuehrers will deliver what was promised. Romney is like the Republican Putin. Romney's the keynote speaker at the dinner tonight and Romney's the sponsor of the event. Mormon millions have been poured into the campaign and, as far right blog Red State points out, Romney doesn't need grassroots-- he has none outside of Utah-- if he can purchase astroturf. And that he's doing. But first he purchased the Young Republicans' Executive Committee and rules committee. In fact, the Executive Director of the Young Republicans, Jon Woodard-- and I'm sure this is just a coincidence-- just happens to be the Chairman of Romney's campaign in St John's County, Florida.

Gone is the rule that said only accredited delegates get to vote. Now anyone who shows up-- anyone any rich candidate can bus in-- is allowed to vote. I guess that's the right-wing's version of opening things up. But it's Willard Romney who's hired the phone bankers tasked with filling up tonight's dinner/straw poll. And Romney, caught in the ultimate battle of the empty suits, has a goal: hold down the vote for a surging Freddy Thompson.

And with the approach of the release of September Dawn, a movie expected to help Americans understand the threat of the secretive Mormon cult, Republicans like Thompson and his allies are getting the word out about Romney's ties to the cult. Last week, Republican Andrew Sullivan gave us a glimpse into how Republicans talk among themselves about Mormonism.
The question is not whether, as president, Mr. Romney would take orders from Salt Lake City. I doubt whether many people think he would. The questions are: Would a Mormon as president of the United States give greater credibility and prestige to Mormonism? The answer is almost certainly yes. Would it therefore help advance the missionary goals of what many view as a false religion? The answer is almost certainly yes. Is it legitimate for those Americans to take these questions into account in voting for a presidential nominee or candidate? The answer is certainly yes.

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At 9:52 AM, Blogger PAXOUT said...

I tell you the truth. I was seriously considering voting for Mitt, then I saw the movie "September Dawn".

This movie is so powerful, that you leave the movie theater shaking. The images of those poor innocent children being slaughtered are burned into my mind. Some people left crying. It is like the Holocaust, except in Utah instead of Germany. This tragic chapter in American History showed me that Mormon missionaries are not Amway salesmen, but more like Islamic Jihadists. I saw for the first time how much they hate me.

There is about as much a chance for me to vote for Romney, as for a Jew to vote for Hitler, once he's read Mein Kampf.


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