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I used to teach at the New School. Actually I was teaching darkroom classes at the Parsons School of Design at the New School. The Parsons students were incredibly dull but I got tremendous stimulation from talking with the much more interesting New School students. I would have guessed they wouldn't have been too pleased to have corporate whore John McCain show up to give the commencement address at their graduation today. (I'm sure the Parsons students wouldn't have cared one way or the other.) A few days ago I had the honor of having dinner with THE NATION's brilliant young writer Ari Berman. Sensing it might be explosive, Ari just covered the New School graduation ceremony and wrote a story called "McCain at New School: Honeymoon is Over."

"The school's tradition of dissent carried on today. Scores of New School students held orange signs, and a few banners, reading 'McCain Does Not Speak For Me,' and 'Our Commencement Is Not Your Platform.' What began as mild rumblings of disapproval before McCain's speech soon exploded into boos, catcalls and turned backs... The Senator spoke in a dull monotone, without his usual charisma or charm. He was noticeably deflated by the crowd's harsh reception towards him. Remarks such as 'I supported the decision to go to war in Iraq,' were met with loud boos."

Maybe McCain really was deflated-- or maybe he was just out looking for a Sister Souljah moment. We'll see if Rove or whoever will be running his campaign uses the footage in an ad.


The Republican's biggest hypocrite, McCain was crying crocodile tears for the New School students today. Yes, he acknowledges that he was boo-ed but claims that it is their lives that will be worse now. "It's unfortunate, because these young people now will have a duller life because they won't listen to the views of those that they disagree with. And that's unfortunate because the whole theme of my speech was interestingly and ironically is that we should strongly disagree with one another." What a straight-talker! He told CNN he hasn't seen Al Gore's movie yet. He hasn't mentioned when he plans to go check it out. Maybe he can take some of his Senate colleagues (who also vote to imperil the actual earth we live on with their consistent policies putting Big Business' voracious greed above planet habitability) with him. Sure.


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

That's a good protest story. It's what should happen across the country. Turn our backs and yell if we have to.
You'll like this story .... check it out.
Jerry Springer and Sean Hateity came to Cincinnati to do a "battle of the talk show host's" event at a gambling casino on the Ohio river. I went as it was sponsored by the conservative talk radio station and presented by both the conservatives AND Air America affiliate since they are 'sister' radio stations. I work for Air America.
Of course, you HAD to know it would be a 90% conservative crowd, being cin-cinnati and all.
And it was.
Sean Hannity came to play games and make it a circus. (What else does he have afterall?) And it mostly was. Jerry Springer came for a debate. He didn't get much unfortunately.
When Hannity began his reckless and hateful attack on LIBrals and said "THEY want our troops to fail", I couldn't resist the temptation to call him a liar. And I did. And it was loud. I thought maybe I wouldn't have a job tomorrow. But I did. And now, I can't wait till it happens again.
A big shout out to The Dixie Chicks, Pink, Neil Young and the students who protest Ann Coulter giving "speaches?" on our college campuses or anyone in public who protest against this ignorance and stupidity.
While Coulter does have the right, it's up to the other side to tell her that she doesn't belong in the debate. Ever.
No sensible or responsible journalist would give her juice.
Susan Estrich shouldn't either.
Turn your backs, bitches!

At 7:04 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I was so happy when I read this happened to McCain. Now the big question is can we find some video and spread it on the web.

At 7:04 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I was so happy when I read this happened to McCain. Now the big question is can we find some video and spread it on the web.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger keninny said...

I feel bad for McCain, because buried in there is a decent human being--though not one I would ever feel comfortable supporting politically. However, HE made the decision to abandon his principles to whore for the loony right. So I have to agree that he's getting what he deserves.

Of course, as someone pointed out here recently, he can use these sound bites to shore up his support on the hate right! So he's STILL getting what he wants.

It's a sad spectacle. A man who was once notable for basic human decency chucks it to advance his ambitions. Not a happy day for democracy.



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