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Anyone who might have been laboring under the childish delusion that lowlife Republicrooks like Ohio's Bob Ney were simply corrupted by a "rotten apple," as Montana's uber-corrupt bribe-taking Senator Conrad Burns calls his old pal Jack Abramoff, is in for a little surprise if they read the new issue of NEWSWEEK. Although only the terminally naive could have possibly thought otherwise, NEWSWEEK makes it clear that the Republican Culture of Corruption runs a lot deeper than just bad influences like Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon and Tom DeLay leading the nation's otherwise righteous salons astray. Oh, no. One of the more exposed congressloons, of whom DWT has been warning readers since last spring, Bob Ney, tried to get then Secretary of State Colin Powell to relax U.S. sanctions against Iran on behalf of a serial felon, Nigel Winfield, who was bribing Ney and who wanted to sell U.S.-made spare parts to the Iranians. Think about it for a moment. Think about the depths to which a man like Ney will go to sell out his country if he's drunk on the arrogance of power.

And how did Ney meet a character as sleazy and treacherous as Winfield? (I mean this man was not one of Ney's constituents for whom he was trying to do a harmless little favor. Oh no, Winfield has a long, criminal past going all the way back to a 1982 conviction for trying to swindle Elvis Presley in an airplane deal!) So what kind of treasonous monstrosity would introduce someone as low down as Winfield to Ney? According to NEWSWEEK "Ney was introduced to Winfield by lobbyists Roy Coffee, a former legislative aide to the then Gov. George W. Bush..."

Corrupt, greedy self-entitled congressmen like Tom ("I AM the government") DeLay, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Duncan Hunter, Dennis Hastert, Jerry Lewis, John Doolittle, Dick Pombo, Bob Ney, J.D. Hayworth... dozens more have George W Bush as a role model for his above the law style of government. The depth of the scandals that have infected the Republican Party have barely begun to surface.


Pretty soon the entire Republican leadership of the U.S. Congress will have temporarily stepped down. Presumably their temporary resignations will become permanent either when they are sentenced or when they take up residence in their new penal facilities. Sources close to crooked Ohio Congressman Bob Ney, who wish to remain anonymous, say that Ney needs "a few days to grasp what has happened to him. The words that have been coming out of his mouth don't seem to be English now. He needs to get some rest and after that everything will be fine." No doubt.



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And NEWSWEEK rival TIME has some fuel to throw on the growing bonfire around Ney this week too. TIME's gone through some of the e-mail record in the Abramoff case and the picture it paints for Ney is... bleak. No doubt word of this is what prompted Denny Hastert to tell Ney last week that he would no longer be welcome inside the GOP leadership and that he must immediately resign his chairmanship of the Committee on House Administration.

The e-mails (and the plea deals Abramoff and his crooked partner, former Tom DeLay top aide Michael Scanlon, made with the Feds) focus on "various gifts, campaign donations and junkets that Abramoff and Scanlon say they provided to Ney in return for 'official acts.'" TIME points to one, clear evidence of a quid pro quo, that highlights "the specific elements of a swap that Abramoff has told investigators was prearranged and explicitly reciprocal, according to a source close to the Justice Department probe. To wit: a $10,000 donation to the Republicans just days before Ney inserted into the Congressional Record a statement praising an Abramoff business partner," Adam Kidan, who later-- along with Abramoff and possibly DeLay-- hired 3 mafia thugs to kill another partner, Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis.

TIME ends it's report with an ominous warning for Republicans in Congress. "Although refusing to comment on the specifics of the Ney case, a U.S. government expert on criminal law made the following point: 'Contributions are lawful only if made in support of a lawmaker's policies. They are clearly illegal as part of a prenegotiated deal involving a quid pro quo.' For a host of nervous politicians familiar with the murky ways of Washington, that fine a distinction is probably small comfort."

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I know first hand some of the earlier (pre 1980) schemes involving Nigel Winfield and the Medlin Cocain pilot Jack Leibolt, it includes Silencer equipted Ingram Submachine guns from the maker by owner Pilot Jack Leibolt. Winfield was the front man for Sam the Plumber of Mafia fame and owner and operators of a Ft Lauderdale Fla, air charter operation there where Leibolt was the front man/ manager. Call me for more info. Bob Morgan 770--227-2058

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i am rady to giv many info about Nigel Winfield. I recive lot of documentation and Name (pople name from Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy)from him criminal busines in Cyprus, France, Italy, and odher contry.


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