Monday, January 09, 2006



Who can say which Republicrook-- not counting ex-Majority Leader/GOP Crime Boss Tom DeLay-- is the most corrupt? I mean where do you start? Charles Taylor? Richard Pombo, Duncan Hunter, John Doolittle, Roy Blunt? Bill Frist? Conrad Burns? Jerry Lewis? Denny Hastert? Doc Hastings? Mike Ferguson? Katherine Harris? Well... Ohio might be a good place to start, seeing how the entire political structure is so rotten and corrupt and how every single Republican office holder is mired in the grossest forms of scandal known to man.

And when one thinks "Ohio" and "scandal" and "corruption," one name rises to the top before all others: Bob Ney, a key henchman of DeLay's and the only other congressman implicated in the Abramoff-ordered Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis gangland slaying-- as well as dozens and dozens of bribery scandals. So when House Speaker/DeLay sock-puppet Denny Hastert talks about ethics seminars for GOP congressmen who better to turn to-- I mean who could possibly know more about it?-- than Bob Ney?

I mean if the ethicless Senate GOP Leader can appoint Rick Santorum, a notorious crook, to head up the effort in the Senate, Hastert might have felt he had to do him one better by finding someone even more dripping in filth and sleaze. To make it short, Ney's job is to teach incoming Republican freshmen all about ethics. Could someone make this stuff up? Bob Ney is one of the most notorious scumbags in the history of American politics. He will take money from anyone and he is known as the guy who will do anything for a couple of bucks. Or maybe that is exactly what the Party of Greed and Selfishness means when they talk about ethics! Forget, for a moment about his free-lance work and his involvement with Thomas Noe, and just focus on his impending indictment, trial and prison term for his arrogant and dim-witted involvement with ALL of Jack Abramoff's shenanigans!

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