Tuesday, August 06, 2019

J.D. Scholten Will Beat Steve King In Iowa This Time Around


Yesterday our old pal, former baseball player JD Scholten launched the second part of his campaign to replace Iowa neo-fascist and white nationalist Steve King with a stunning video narrated by Kevin Costner (Field of Dreams). Last cycle-- with zero help from the DCCC, of course-- JD shocked the political punditry by nearly beating King in the gigantic rural Iowa district that sits in the northwest and central part of the state, stretching from Sioux City to Ames and New Hampton in Chickasaw County in the eastern part of Iowa-- 38 counties. JD won the 3 most populous of those counties-- Story, Woodbury and Cerro Gordo, but in the end King squeaked by 157,676 (50.4%) to 147,246 (47.0%). That's quite an achievement in a district with an R+11 PVI and where Obama lost both times and where Trump beat Hillary 60.9% to 33.5%. It's worth mentioning that on caucus day in 2016, Bernie cleaned up in IA-04,not just beating Hillary, but in many counties beating Trump as well:
Woodbury Co.
Bernie- 1,920
Trump- 1,600
Story Co.
Bernie- 2,737
Trump- 1,152
Cerro Gordo Co.
Bernie- 1,108
Trump- 597
Boone Co.
Bernie- 715
Trump- 412
Winnebago Co.
Bernie- 230
Trump- 115
Dickson Co.
Bernie- 358
Trump- 342
Clay Co.
Bernie- 303
Trump- 292
Butler Co.
Bernie- 350
Trump- 332
Grundy Co.
Bernie- 206
Trump- 198
Shelby Co.
Bernie- 232
Trump- 203
Goal ThermometerJD performed 24 points better against King in the district than Hillarydid against Trump in 2016. Pretty impressive when you consider that the DCCC and Pelosi were hostile to his candidacy. Too progressive for such a red district-- despite how much better Bernie did than Hillary in the district. They have their heads up their asses. And whether they help him this time or work to sabotage him, you can help J.D. replace racist asshole Steve King this time around by clicking on the Blue America 2020 thermometer on the left and contributing what you can.

This time, King has 3 primary opponents-- state Senator Randy Feenstra, former Irwin Mayor Bret Richards and former state Rep. Jeremy Taylor-- and two more waiting in the wings. The NRCC, which would prefer to see King lose, says they won't get involved in the primary, showing again that they're more Democratic than Cheri Bustos' wreckage of a DCCC. Scholten's best chance to win the seat in this blood red district is if King is the GOP candidate again. He's toxic and too extreme for Iowans anymore and he was kicked off the agriculture committee, so isn't even in a position to help his constituents at a time when Trump's trade war is devastating the local economy.

"Too many Iowan families feel like they’re getting kicked in the dirt, suffering from an economy and a government that just doesn’t have their interests at heart," he wrote in his announcement statement. "We need a system that works for all people-- not just special interests and those who are lucky enough to be at the top. That’s exactly why we’re in this fight: to fix our healthcare system, fight for an economy for all, and secure our democracy."

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At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Hillary was certain to beat Trump. The Republicans haven't begun to fight, and they fight dirty. They fight to win. Democrats only fight those who want to improve the Party.


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